Smart & Savvy Business Ideas For Home-Based Moms

As a mom who wants to be around at home for your kids, the prospect of finding work can be something of a puzzle. Jobs are difficult to find, and the reality is that by the time you pay for childcare, you barely make any extra money. Of course, working is good for the soul, so there are benefits of getting some semblance of your life back. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Well, perhaps you can – if you are willing to join the swelling ranks of moms that are starting their businesses from home. Here are some simple ideas to give you some inspiration.

Sell products online

The first idea is remarkably simple in theory, although in practice you will need a good nose for a successful product. Lots of moms go down the e-commerce route and sell products online, and it’s something you can make a start on straight away. In essence, what you need to do is find a gap in the market, and fill it. Perhaps you have found it difficult to get your hands on a specific product, or maybe you have a collection of items that you could sell? You can either sell online from a self-built website or just become a third party seller on Amazon or eBay.

Use your creativity

Of course, if you have a creative streak, why not make your products? There is a healthy market for craft and artwork on places like Etsy, and whether you are into making jewelry, clothing or accessories if your work is good enough, it should sell.

Use your knowledge

Before you started a family, what were you good at? Jot down all your skills and talents, and work out a way of using them as a consultant. As long as you can add value to local businesses, and prove your worth, you should be able to earn a crust. Set up a home office with a good internet connection and you will be able to communicate with clients quickly and frequently, and still have time to look after the house.

Provide therapeutic services

If you are into beauty, massage, or complementary therapies – and have some qualifications – why not use your home as a therapeutic center? Lots of moms are starting this type of business, so why not join their ranks? You’ll need to have the right amount of space to fit in the equipment, of course. Buy some professional looking uniforms, too – – a quick look at the WonderWink Scrub Shop should reveal more than enough inspiration for stylish therapeutic clothing. And then it’s just a case of advertising your business, persuading friends and family to be your first client, and hopefully earning a good living – all from the comfort of your own home.

Become a virtual assistant

Finally, do you have a propensity for getting things done? If so, there is a massive market for people like you. Small businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world rely on virtual assistants to do basic admin, run teams, and all kinds of other things. And the money is pretty good once you get established – not to mention the fact you get to choose your hours.

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  1. There are loads of ways to make money from home – not least starting a blog. I think you do have to check out all of the schemes and talk to people who have tried them to see if you truly can make money.

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