How You Can Balance Work And Family Life

Being a full-time working mom and blogger means that I have my juggling skills NAILED. There is always someone needing my time, something that needs filling in and a job that requires finishing. It can feel like it is never-ending at times, but the key is staying organized, and keeping focused. We can all achieve the work/life balance and here is how.

Accept That You Aren’t Wonder Woman

We all want to think that we are indeed a superhero but the reality is that we aren’t. We don’t have never-ending energy, and we don’t have superpowers. This means that we can’t split ourselves in two (even though sometimes we wish that we could) and it means that sometimes we can’t do everything. We shouldn’t feel guilty about this though. We need to let the guilt go. Perhaps you have an elderly relative who you try to see on a daily basis so that you can cook them a meal before you go home and cook your family meals. You want to cook for them, but you are struggling with dashing from work to their house before you then speed home to yours. This is not sustainable. You need to be kinder to yourself and look into getting some support. Elder care would be a great option as you would be able to trust that your elderly relative is getting fantastic one to one care and support and you wouldn’t need to keep trying to divide yourself in two. This would allow you to be there for everyone. It would also let you have more quality time with your elderly relative as you won’t be frantically rushing about.

Switch Off

When you finish work and head home you need to make sure that you leave your work at the office. This is your time to be with your family. Do not see this as your time to carry on working. Ignore any emails that come in; they can always wait until tomorrow. Instead, spend this time catching-up with your family and finding out about their day. You will find this far more beneficial as you will feel more connected with your family. Give your family your undivided attention and make sure that you sit down together as a family.

Make Sure You Have Me Time

You need to make sure that you schedule in some me time. This is important so that you can recharge and focus on what is essential. This quiet time will allow you to refocus and as a result, you will feel more energized. Try and schedule time in for you once a week. This could be a long soak in the tub, or perhaps half an hour reading a book from Amazon.

Love Those Lists

At the start of each day you want to make a list. Then you should make sure that you allocate time for each task. Try and stick to the time limits for each task. Once you have completed the job, you need to tick it off. Ticking that list off will remind you that you are making progress, even when you feel like you aren’t.

Finding the work/life balance can be hard, but the tips above will ensure that we don’t drop any balls and that we continue to juggle for another day!

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