How I Made Money In My First Three Months of Blogging

Ok, I swore I’d never post these income report type blogs, but yet here I am following the trend. As many of you know I created The Busy Mom Diary as a journal, a real-live diary where I could jot down my thoughts on my latest parenting fails. However, it quickly became something that I […]

Twitchy Twitchy

So I have developed this eyelid twitch that drives me insane.. I googled it, because it’s twitching and even though  other people may not even notice it, I do!!!! I feel like I have a Gimp Eye because of it. Here are some of the “causes”: *Stress – alright, this would totally make sense right […]

Being A Great Mom Starts With Self-Care

If you are anything like me, you might not even realize that you are neglecting your own needs. Make the conscience decision to evaluate yourself, this may include your physical health, emotional state and even your mental health. You are important and you are valuable. It’s time to find the desire and to invest in […]

Weird is Happy

Can we please be normal? I shit you not, this is the question my daughter so proudly asked me with a smile on her face. She knew she had my attention as she followed that statement with, “you know a normal family that has family game night, eats dinner at the dinner table and doesn’t […]

Watch Where You Pee!!

I’m furious. I’ve taught my son many things in his short life, but yet the very simple task of using the bathroom in a semi-human like manner escapes his memory EVERYDAY!!!! I can’t be the only woman on the face of the earth that has experienced the very traumatic and distressing realization from having to […]

E-Cloth Bathroom Pack: Review & Giveaway`

Alright, alright don’t laugh. I know that I’m not the Cleaning Fairy, but when I was invited to participate in a very special review and giveaway opportunity I found myself questioning how hard it could really be to clean a bathroom that I decided to give it a whirl. I received this amazing offer from […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like.. Holiday Movie Time!

Last night,  we opted for a quiet family movie night after dinner. Holiday movies seem to be the only time that I don’t hear chirping from the minions on which movie to watch or which movie is better. I love that we can set aside our own favorites for the benefit of some much-needed family […]

Mom, it was Nicki Minaj’s Birthday

Mom Fail 101 Last night, my daughter loudly announced  that she couldn’t believe that I didn’t advise her that it was Nicki Minaj’s birthday. Uhm, hello, how in the world was I suppose to know that? My daughter stared at me in disbelief and replied, “Mom, you listen to all of her songs, you should […]

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