An Open Letter To My Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend

To my daughter’s boyfriend, we may or may not have already met in person, and you’re probably wondering why is this crazy lady writing a letter about me? There are just so many things that I want to tell you about my daughter. I know that you’ve seen her million selfies, so you know that […]

Review: Friday the 13th (PS4 Video Game)

We recently purchased a third-person, multiplayer survival game based on the very popular movie franchise, Friday the 13th, how could I say no?  We quickly purchased (Approx. $55 CDN) and installed the game, and then we waited and waited some more.  Our excitement quickly halted – the game requires that you connect to 7 other […]

Watch Where You Pee!!

I’m furious. I’ve taught my son many things in his short life, but yet the very simple task of using the bathroom in a semi-human like manner escapes his memory EVERYDAY!!!! I can’t be the only woman on the face of the earth that has experienced the very traumatic and distressing realization from having to […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Tween Boy Edition

Well with all the hustle and bustle happening over the next few weeks, and considering I’ve completed a teenage girl gift guide I thought I’d even it out and complete a gift guide for the other child of mine. I wouldn’t want him to get a complex from this blog, I’m kidding – he doesn’t […]

The Effing Teenage Years

Parents often think that raising children in the toddler stages is the most difficult. I used to be this parent, until we entered into the unknown world of teenagers. Do you remember having a bad day, and then your toddler would come hug you and proclaim how much they loved you? Those days are gone, […]

Monthly Box Subscription: Teenage Boy Edition

My son came home from school and casually reminded me that the majority of my posts have related closely to that of a girl child and well, that I have both a son and a daughter. I’m thinking he was feeling left out. So we’re back with brand new monthly box subscriptions. I’ve scoured the […]

A Conversation I Never Thought I’d Have

First, let me just say that we are not  a typical family. We’ve always had good-hearted and open conversations with our children.  But with that said there are still some topics in life that I never imagined I’d have to talk about with my son. My period is one of them. My son has a […]

Four Lessons My Son Learned From Hockey

A few days ago, I overheard some parents in the arena talking and questioning if all the time and money that was spent in hockey (and other sports) knowing that the likelihood of our kid making it to NHL was next to impossible. This had me wondering the same thing, I mean hockey is an […]

I Won’t Be Winning Mother Of The Year

During a recent adventure to Wal-Mart to grab some much-needed groceries, no exaggeration the fridge was looking like something out of the Grinch Movie – after that little bastard visited, I had decided to splurge and buy some pie for dessert tonight. The pumpkin pie was two for $10.00 – awesome, I was pretty sure […]