The Secret to a Perfect Holiday Party

Sure, finding those perfect gifts for everyone on your list is an integral part of Christmas, but everyone knows that the parties are the real focus for December. We live for the fun aspect from a small gathering with close friends to those fancy corporate functions. But, if you are anything like me you haven’t […]

Creating Memorable and Unique Holiday Traditions as a Family

When growing and rearing a family of your own, you’ll have plenty of challenges ahead of you. One way to help foster healthy family relationships amidst tantrums and time outs is to instill family traditions that develop happy memories and positive bonding experiences. With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to […]

Multifunctional Mom-Wear For A Winter Vacation

Summer isn’t the only time to board a plane and head somewhere exotic. Wintertime is a fantastic season for a vacation because it’s cheap, the kids get time off school, and it feels Christmassy. Put the three together, and you’ve got the family holiday of a lifetime! The only things moms have to worry about […]

Unique and Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post provided by UncommonGoods. The opinions and comments expressed in this post belong to me.     We’ve made our list, and we’ve checked it twice — we know that your kids are still getting gifts whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Let’s face it, buying gifts for kids can […]

5 Ways To Plan a Kids Birthday Party at Short Notice

Ideally, we would have all the time in the world to plan our kids birthday parties. It doesn’t always work out that way, however, with kids changing their minds and with day to day chores getting in the way; sometimes it can be a desperate dash to get everything organized at short notice. Fret not, […]

Cheap Date Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

February – the month that is most often referred to as the month of love. Nuzzled into the middle of the month is the exceptional Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day, my least favorite holiday EVER. It’s over-rated, and too often my social media is boasting with proposal post after the next – this is not a […]

Twitchy Twitchy

So I have developed this eyelid twitch that drives me insane.. I googled it, because it’s twitching and even though  other people may not even notice it, I do!!!! I feel like I have a Gimp Eye because of it. Here are some of the “causes”: *Stress – alright, this would totally make sense right […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like.. Holiday Movie Time!

Last night,  we opted for a quiet family movie night after dinner. Holiday movies seem to be the only time that I don’t hear chirping from the minions on which movie to watch or which movie is better. I love that we can set aside our own favorites for the benefit of some much-needed family […]