A (Child-Free) Night On A Small Budget!

It’s finally arrived! The night you and your partner have been waiting for. The child(ren) are with the grandparents, and you and your significant other are looking forward to a fun-filled night out somewhere. But there’s one problem, between the two of you, you only have enough money to either A) go “on the town” […]

Pass The Matchsticks! Coping With Sleepless Nights

Babies are a joy. This is the mantra you must repeat to yourself when you get up for the fifteenth time at night. Getting up because the baby needs a feed, change or because they’ve forgotten what your face looks like and need to check; all these reasons are exhausting. Utterly wonderful, but exhausting nonetheless. […]

Rookie Mistakes: Lost In Video Game Translation

I am so excited to share that we have been featured on the Rookie Mistakes Series from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes. 30 minutes had passed when one neighbor openly asked me, “Where are the kids?” I pointed out the daughter and then glanced around for my husband. The baby was not with my husband. […]

Watch Where You Pee!!

I’m furious. I’ve taught my son many things in his short life, but yet the very simple task of using the bathroom in a semi-human like manner escapes his memory EVERYDAY!!!! I can’t be the only woman on the face of the earth that has experienced the very traumatic and distressing realization from having to […]

I’m Not a Bad Mom – I’m Just Tired

Have you ever had a bad day that just kept getting worse over time? A day that you have been so frustrated and overwhelmed and over-reacted to the smallest of things. I’m sure we can all admit, we’ve been there, more than we’d ever care to admit. There have been days where my parenting skills […]

Organized Chaos – Driving Test and a Funeral Home

Yesterday was chaotic, I had the day off work to run errands. The most important being my driver’s test.  I hate the whole method – A three part driver’s licence  – a written test and two road tests in a matter of 5 years. Yes, you heard me I had 5 years to get it all complete […]

Review: Family Vacation – Punta Cana 2016

Wow, I can hardly believe that it’s been almost 7 months since our family vacation. After the longest year of our life between difficult challenges, we were graciously invited on a vacation with my parents, my siblings and my niece. The offer was simply amazing and we fully deserved a much needed vacation from our […]

From Good To Disaster In Three Days

If I had to sum up the weekend in very few words, I’d say it was practically met with disaster. The weekend didn’t start off that way, in fact my weekend started off great, let’s recap the weekend events. Friday was a good day. The weekends always start off on the right foot when your […]

I Won’t Be Winning Mother Of The Year

During a recent adventure to Wal-Mart to grab some much-needed groceries, no exaggeration the fridge was looking like something out of the Grinch Movie – after that little bastard visited, I had decided to splurge and buy some pie for dessert tonight. The pumpkin pie was two for $10.00 – awesome, I was pretty sure […]