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I Stopped Talking Crap About My Kids And Here’s Why

I have three beautiful children ranging in age from my 14-year-old son to my 19-year-old daughter. But there was a point where I thought I would never make it that far. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and have been dealing with it for years. By the time I married my husband, I had developed […]

Bad Habits In Children Of All Ages: A Parental Guide

There’s no doubt that parenting is incredibly varied. You are the nurse, the peacemaker, the person who provides hugs and kisses after a bad day– and you are the guardian. Not just in the legal sense, but in the literal sense: parents are the guardian of who their children will be in the future. That’s […]

Don’t Let Bad Habits Cut Your Life Short

No one likes the idea of their life being cut short, but we all do things every single day which we know is slowly killing us. We only get one life, and living a long and happy one to spend as much time with loved ones as we can is surely the most important thing […]

No, You Can’t Have What You Want at Walmart

Yes, I’m that parent that stands in the checkout line, staring at her cell phone while one or both of the children are in full melt-down mode because I didn’t buy that $2 pack of stickers or whatever new gadget has caught their attention. Do I want to give my children everything they ask for, […]

The Action Mom You Were Born To Be

Most moms love the idea of being able to keep up their kids at every hurdle. The idea of being fit enough to stave off the exhaustion of a day with the children is something a lot of people long for. And, fortunately, it’s not too hard to attain this useful attribute. It’s best to […]

Child-Proofing Your Home

Homes can be full of hazards for children. It won’t matter too much in the early months when your infant’s only wriggling around, but soon enough they’ll start crawling and getting curious, and soon after that, they’ll be walking their first steps. Child-proofing your home can prevent you having to watch them like a hawk […]

Sleep Well: How To Have A Good Night Every Night

Let’s face it: it’s almost impossible to go about your daily routine if you’re exhausted. There’s very little that can disrupt your everyday life more than sleeping badly. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure that you sleep well as often as you possibly can… Redecorate Your Bedroom If your bedroom […]