Meal Plan No. 2 (With Printable Grocery List and Menu)

$100.00 weekly budget for groceries? Are you kidding? I get it; I thought this task would be impossible. But with a little work, price-matching, and meal-planning, it works. This plan is not fool-proof, and if not carefully examined and followed, you could run into a few hiccups like we did last week. In the middle […]

Teenager Throwing Tantrum

Sometimes, a Teenager Is Just Like a Big Toddler

As a mom to three teenagers, I have found that teens are not much different than toddlers with the exception of their age and size. Many of the issues your toddler faces will return with a vengeance more than a decade later when your children become teens. Both toddlers and teens need constant attention and […]

Don’t Let Bad Habits Cut Your Life Short

No one likes the idea of their life being cut short, but we all do things every single day which we know is slowly killing us. We only get one life, and living a long and happy one to spend as much time with loved ones as we can is surely the most important thing […]

Four Things Every Mom Should Do Instead of Cleaning

Making mental notes of all the chores to be completed can quickly become part of an everyday morning schedule. It was something I would go over in my head during breakfast each and every day. Are you the mom who runs around frantically during nap time trying to put everything back in its place? You […]

How to Take Care of an Elderly Parent

When a parent falls ill or is diagnosed with a condition, it’s a natural reaction to want to do everything within your power to protect them. You may suddenly feel like you did when your children were young and want to wrap your parent up in cotton wool. However, it’s important to remember that your […]

The Action Mom You Were Born To Be

Most moms love the idea of being able to keep up their kids at every hurdle. The idea of being fit enough to stave off the exhaustion of a day with the children is something a lot of people long for. And, fortunately, it’s not too hard to attain this useful attribute. It’s best to […]

The Mother’s Guide To Stress-Free Mornings

All mothers know how hard it can be to get their kids ready in the morning. Most of us have to get them to school before we can start our commutes to work. So, it’s vital that we implement a routine that isn’t going to become too stressful. With that in mind, some simple tips […]

How Do You Keep Your Kids Healthy Without Overprotecting Them?

We live in a confusing age. We’ve become cleaner than ever as a society in our efforts to beat diseases, sickness, and general unhealthiness, but there are limits to how hygienic a lifestyle one should lead; this applies in particular to your children who are still developing physically. Going overboard with clean habits might, in […]

How To Motivate Kids To Eat Better (Guest Post: Tanja Teofilovic)

There are all kinds of approaches to parenthood, more or less liberal or traditional. Regardless of your method of choice or your lifestyle, you are surely interested in making sure your child eats well. It’s a fact of life that the good-quality and varied diet is an important factor in the development of children. Some […]

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