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I Stopped Talking Crap About My Kids And Here’s Why

I have three beautiful children ranging in age from my 14-year-old son to my 19-year-old daughter. But there was a point where I thought I would never make it that far. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and have been dealing with it for years. By the time I married my husband, I had developed […]

How You Can Balance Work And Family Life

Being a full-time working mom and blogger means that I have my juggling skills NAILED. There is always someone needing my time, something that needs filling in and a job that requires finishing. It can feel like it is never-ending at times, but the key is staying organized, and keeping focused. We can all achieve […]

Teenager Throwing Tantrum

Sometimes, a Teenager Is Just Like a Big Toddler

As a mom to three teenagers, I have found that teens are not much different than toddlers with the exception of their age and size. Many of the issues your toddler faces will return with a vengeance more than a decade later when your children become teens. Both toddlers and teens need constant attention and […]

Stress Is Far More Serious Than You Probably Think

We’ve all felt a little stressed at some point in our lives, right? Anything can set it off. Maybe we’re late for an important event, or our kids have done something naughty at school. Maybe whatever it is that’s leaving you feeling this way wouldn’t seem like such a big deal to most people, but […]

Under Pressure: How You Can Relieve the Load

Life is stressful, and sometimes it’s a lot to handle. As a parent, you have your kids to worry about, plus all the usual concerns that everyone has. You might be juggling your children, a partner, your job, helping your parents, and various other commitments. It can all get on top of you, and there […]

Struggling Supermom: There’s No Shame In Needing Help

The internet and the world at large are filled with aspirational stories about “supermoms.” The incredible women who can juggle having multiple kids with a high powered career as well as doing numerous charity events and can do all of that while staying toned, thin, and beautiful. Of course, it’s hardly surprising that for a […]

A Good Night’s Sleep: Cracking The Code As A New Parent

People warn you about sleepless nights when you’re expecting your first child, but nothing can prepare you for those first few weeks when it seems like you’re running purely on love and adrenaline. You can plan as much as you like, but when that little bundle arrives, it will flip your world upside down, and […]

No, You Can’t Have What You Want at Walmart

Yes, I’m that parent that stands in the checkout line, staring at her cell phone while one or both of the children are in full melt-down mode because I didn’t buy that $2 pack of stickers or whatever new gadget has caught their attention. Do I want to give my children everything they ask for, […]

How To Motivate Kids To Eat Better (Guest Post: Tanja Teofilovic)

There are all kinds of approaches to parenthood, more or less liberal or traditional. Regardless of your method of choice or your lifestyle, you are surely interested in making sure your child eats well. It’s a fact of life that the good-quality and varied diet is an important factor in the development of children. Some […]

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