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I Stopped Talking Crap About My Kids And Here’s Why

I have three beautiful children ranging in age from my 14-year-old son to my 19-year-old daughter. But there was a point where I thought I would never make it that far. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and have been dealing with it for years. By the time I married my husband, I had developed […]

7 Smart Shows You and Your Teen Will Both Enjoy (Guest Post)

It may feel like just yesterday that changing the channel to PBS was all it took to keep your family entertained. Unfortunately, the good old days of Mister Rogers, The Muppet Show, Good Luck Charlie and even Boy Meets World are long gone. These days, your kids are more interested in reality shows, MTV specials, […]

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Teenager Throwing Tantrum

Sometimes, a Teenager Is Just Like a Big Toddler

As a mom to three teenagers, I have found that teens are not much different than toddlers with the exception of their age and size. Many of the issues your toddler faces will return with a vengeance more than a decade later when your children become teens. Both toddlers and teens need constant attention and […]

Moms: Maintaining That Close Bond With Your Teenager!

When your child turns a teenager, it can often be a testing time for your relationship. After all, they feel like they don’t need you at all. But in fact, it’s the time they need you the most in their life. After all, they are going through a wealth of changes and hard times where […]

Watch Where You Pee!!

I’m furious. I’ve taught my son many things in his short life, but yet the very simple task of using the bathroom in a semi-human like manner escapes his memory EVERYDAY!!!! I can’t be the only woman on the face of the earth that has experienced the very traumatic and distressing realization from having to […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Tween Boy Edition

Well with all the hustle and bustle happening over the next few weeks, and considering I’ve completed a teenage girl gift guide I thought I’d even it out and complete a gift guide for the other child of mine. I wouldn’t want him to get a complex from this blog, I’m kidding – he doesn’t […]