Childhood Emergencies We Never Want To Face

Most children enjoy their childhood and go through it without any traumatic experiences at all. Unfortunately, it isn’t the same for every child, and some will experience some serious health issues and illnesses. Thankfully, our excellent health service means that most children will pull through and live to see another day. As well as the brilliant work of all the doctors and nurses, a lot of children have their parents and carers to thank for spotting the early signs and getting them the health they need in plenty of time.

To make sure your child is safe with even the most traumatic times, here are some common childhood emergencies, and what you can do in the situation.

Anaphylactic Shock
The only way most parents find out that their child has an allergy is when the worst-case scenario plays out, and their child goes into anaphylactic shock. This can be very distressing for the child and parents, especially if this is the first time this has ever happened and you don’t have an EpiPen. First of all, you must call 911 and tell the phone operator exactly what is happening. Make sure your child sits up straight as this can help to open up their airway. Unfortunately, there won’t be much you can do before the ambulance arrives, but the paramedics will have all the required antihistamines and steroids, such as

There are various reasons why a child might have a seizure. The most common reason is that they suffer from epilepsy. But they might also suffer from them after a head trauma, which has caused a brain injury. If this is the case, you can always claim compensation by contacting an injury lawyer such as You can do this once the child has been admitted to hospital and is starting to recover. As soon as you notice symptoms of a seizure in your child, call an ambulance and make sure that help is on its way.

Car Accidents
If you ever end up in a car accident, your thoughts will probably turn straight to your child. If you are able to get out of the vehicle, help your child out and then make sure you stand away from the car off the road. This distance is important, as it will keep you safe should the vehicle set alight. Assess your child’s injuries and consider whether you need to call paramedics for help. Even if you are both just shook up, it is still a good idea to call an ambulance as the paramedics will be able to check you both over.

Serious Health Conditions
Think your child is showing symptoms of an illness? Then take him or her to your family doctor straight away. Your doctor will be able to diagnose if something is wrong and prescribe you the required medication. Don’t delay this visit to the doctor, as the illness might develop and get to the point where it is untreatable.

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