The Light At The End Of The Childhood Tunnel

When we become parents, every bleak reality comes to the fore. Perhaps it wasn’t that way once. But most mothers know the feeling of looking at every stranger with suspicion and watching the news with horror. It’s all war, murder, and sexual harassment. No matter which way you turn, there’s a new horror to get your head around. It leaves those who have yet to reproduce wondering if they should, and those who already have to wonder how to keep their children safe.

In truth, things are bad. Talk of war is getting worse. Countries are being torn apart. And, harassment is a significant issue in modern society. But, it’s important to note that issues like these aren’t new. Despite what the news would have us believe, the world isn’t just now reaching boiling point. Stuff like this has happened decade after decade. The issue is more that we now have broader access to this information. People on the street aren’t more dangerous than they were when kids were allowed out to play at all times of the day. It’s just that we’ve all heard so many kidnapping stories that it’s always on our minds.

It’s no wonder, then, that most moms are nervous worriers when it comes to their children’s’ safety. It’s also no surprise that many of us fail to see what good is left in the world. But, bleak thinking like this won’t do any good, and it isn’t strictly true, either. There are plenty of good things out there still. All you need to do is know how to find them. Lucky for you, they’re often relatively close to home.

Consider how many people do good deeds on a daily basis. These may be small things, such as popping in to help an elderly neighbor or saying hello on the street. While our insular lives make these things less commonplace, they still happen. Wallets always get handed back with the money in them. People still chase after someone if they drop a wad of cash on the floor. These things happen, and they’re much more commonplace than you might think. We’ve all had moments like these, where our faith in humanity is restored. And, it’s worth remembering that when you worry about your kids.

Think, too, about the things you can do to make their futures better. By putting money into their educations, you can ensure that the dire job market won’t prove as much of a problem. You could even go all out and volunteer with a company like Habitat, who provide affordable housing. That way, you can rest easy that there are houses out there your kids will be able to afford.

And, of course, you can point your kids down the right path. By ensuring they have a decent moral compass, you make it much more likely that they’ll go on to live prosperous and positive lives. And, with a bit of luck, they’ll never see the darker side of the world this way.

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