5 Ways To Motivate Children With Household Chores (Guest Post: Daisy Murphy)

According to a popular saying, a good mom has piles of dirty clothes, a messy living room and happy children. Well, there are a lot of arguments for and against that statement and some people think that it is said by parents who consider the fact that they take care of kids a reason enough to skip doing the house chores. If you are among those who are trying to balance between looking after kids, going to work and keeping the house neat and clean, you must be looking for effective solutions for optimizing the time for performing the house cleaning duties and spending some quality time with your loved ones instead of wasting it in exhausting scrubbing. Well, the first option that comes to your mind is to arrange maids to do the cleaning for you or… why don’t you just ask your kids for help. You can use every minute you spend together to teach them some essential skills that will turn them into successful adults.  Cleaning activities are a wonderful way to achieve that. 

You probably know that your actions speak louder than words. So, you have to diligently perform the cleaning chores and they might even express intention to help you without asking them to do anything. However, if they see you are dusting or mopping the floor from time to time, they will no longer consider cleanliness as something important.

You have to start giving your kids small tasks around the household from a very early age. Depending on how old your kids are, you can ask them to tidy up their room, put the toys in place, wash the dishes, throw out the trash, and run the vacuum cleaner and so on. As you can see, the house chores list is endless.

Domestic cleaning services suggests that your kids should not regard the house duties as an unpleasant responsibility that they are supposed to do just because you told them so. On the contrary – they should consider it as an entertaining game. Make them associate cleaning with a lot of fun and think of games that your kids will like. For example, set a timer and give them the challenge to vacuum the room as quickly as they can. Then, evaluate the quality of their job and propose options for a better performance next time.

You can motivate your kids to get involved in the house cleaning tasks by including them in a team. Being a part of a home cleaning team will encourage them to do their part of the job, not to mention it will develop their competitiveness.

No competition is worth it without well-deserved rewards for the winners be it moral or material. If you are a creative person, make your own rewards chart or just make a trip around the stores and check whether they have such stuff. You can also get stickers for the chart and use them for keeping track of the house chores your kids performed during the month. Every ten successfully completed cleaning tasks trigger a reward – a trip to the zoo, cinema evening, a picnic in the park, etc.,

There are hundreds of ways to encourage your kids help you with the house cleaning tasks and you know better than anyone else what would motivate them perform the assigned tasks. Remember to keep the cleaning procedures you involve them in short. Prolonged bathroom cleaning or dusting might make your kids lose interest in being your assistants really soon.

About the Author:  Daisy Murphy is from London. She writes parenting articles and guides that are related to cleaning and organizing with kids.

17 thoughts on “5 Ways To Motivate Children With Household Chores (Guest Post: Daisy Murphy)

  1. Love this! I am guilty of not getting my 8 year old to do chores, but that may change!! He’s definitely old enough and capable to help mom around the house!

    1. I’m with you my teens hardly have any chores. It’s so hard to motivate them and plus my husband is obsessive with the way he wants the cleaning done – so he does it all.

    1. I think you could probably start out with 5 successful chores and then gradually move up as they become better acquainted with chores.

  2. These are some really great tips as I can be hard at times to get them motivated to want to help around the house but a home is a community and therefore everyone needs to put in a little work to keep it running nice and smoothly. Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  3. My parents raised all 8 of us kids with chores. I raised my children with chores. They are raising their children with chores. Everyone is a contributing member of the family and work together as a family.

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