6 Family-Friendly Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Home (Guest Post)

With Christmas just around the corner, many families are already planning the presents and thinking about decorating their home. Especially when the small children are involved, you want to create the warm and fun atmosphere. Besides the Christmas tree and colorfully-packed presents, there are few more ideas you can use to decorate your home.

Colourful wreath

Instead of using the usual red and green, buy some colorful ornaments and hot glue gun to create your wreath. This is something you can do together with your children and make it even more fun. They can help you pick the size and color of the ornaments. Add some stars randomly, and other decorative items like a bow or ribbons, and your wreath is ready to be hung on the front door.

Doll up your banisters

People usually forget that banisters can serve as an additional place for Christmas decorations. The first thing that might come to mind is to hang some lanterns or ribbons, but actually, there is something even better. Tie the stringing paper bells on your banister and look how your staircase comes to life. You can buy the pre-made bells, or you can make some with your children as your DIY project. All you’ll need is crepe paper, craft glue, jingle bells, silver or gold cord, sequins and decorative ribbon.

Berry and nuts vase

Besides the ornaments, Christmas is also the time of nuts and berries. Not to mention all the sweets your children will be eating, so this idea might come quite resourceful as well. You’ll need a large cylinder glass vase, decorative candle, candleholder and all sorts of fruits your kids like. Start with walnuts still in their shells, then place some cranberries, kumquats and dry figs. Fill two-thirds of the vase and place the candleholder in the middle. In the evening, light the candle and put the vase on the table. This decoration will be attractive to the children, and soon enough you’ll notice that the pile of fruit is getting smaller.

Feather up the mirror

If you want to try something completely different, then use feathers. They are perfect to jolly up the atmosphere and can give that festive look to your home. One of the best places to use them is in the mirror, and it is quite easy. Outline the mirror with some pine greenery and attach feathers to it. Since they flutter and sway in different directions, it will bring that carnival look while still keeping it in the spirit of Christmas.

Hot cocoa station

There is one thing which will be the center of all the children’s attention and make your home the best place to be for the Christmas. Make a hot cocoa station where kids can warm up after snowballing outside. You might need to declutter a space for this and place some things in the storage for the holidays, but the effort will be well worth it. Place a cart with cups and pre-maid cocoa thermos on the upper shelf with some chocolate chips, marshmallows and cinnamon jars for extra flavor. A miniature Christmas tree would be a perfect decoration, while you can place blankets for sitting on the living room floor and warming up on the lower cart shelf.

Holiday coasters

Holiday coasters are another DIY project you can do with your children even though you can buy them in the store. Buy the snowflake decorations made of fabric, or you can crochet them instead. Use white chalk to draw round, rectangular or hexagonal shape on the felt and cut it out. Red or green felt background will go perfectly with white snowflakes. These coasters will look great on the table during the Christmas dinner, and all guests will praise your creativity.

Decorating home for Christmas is creative and imaginative task perfect to do with your children and family. Include all the Christmas guests in adding some of their embellishments so that your home would shine with love and support in the spirit of the holidays.

About the author: Helen Bradford is a bookworm, interior design enthusiast, and consultant at Super easy Newcastle who continually seeks new ideas to write about. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.

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