Reaching New Heights With Clip ‘N’ Climb

If you have tried rock climbing (or even if you haven’t), chances are you’ll love Clip N’ Climb at Altitude Gym. For starters, there are no age restrictions, so it’s perfect for families of all ages.

If you are looking for a unique indoor play park in the Ottawa area, then Altitude Gym just might be the place.  Clip ‘N Climb is designed for both adults and children with a variety of exciting climbing challenges with varying difficulty levels. This means that parents get to join in on this fun adventure. Climbing is excellent for children on so many levels, from physical, therapeutic and even confidence building, so we headed down to Altitude Gym in Gatineau to check it out firsthand. Here is the low-down.

Who is it for?

While their website doesn’t specify any age restrictions, we feel that this activity we imagine that kids over the age of four years old would get the most out of it. The courses are challenging enough that even your teens will have a blast.

How much does it cost?

75 minutes of slated fun costs approx. $14.95 plus applicable taxes.

What’s so great about it?

It all starts with a safety brief on how to safely use the equipment. The staff kept this light and entertaining for the many kids that were patiently waiting to enter the climbing zone.  The climbing space looked small, but once inside there was more than enough room to host the 20 or so people that were ready to climb.

The climbing space is decked out in a color burst of challenging courses waiting for you to climb.

All in all this adventure won us over, and it was a day we’ll never forget.


Disclaimer: We want to thank all the staff at Altitude Gym for an awesome climbing adventure. We received complimentary passes to Clip “N’ Climb in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed in either this post or the YouTube video belong to The Busy Mom Diary, Our Messy Life With Kids and/or our children.

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