Going Into Combat With Cleaning? You Might Need To Work On Your Battleplan

Us busy moms have a lot on our plates. From looking after children and home to everything between. A lot of those chores and responsibilities can’t be helped. Being a parent is a big responsibility. Certain things, like supporting your kids, are always going to be down to you. There’s no way around that, and you shouldn’t want to find one! But, with other jobs, there are ways to shuffle things and make your life easier. Predominantly, we’re talking cleaning. It’s a chore that never goes away. It’s also a job with next to no satisfaction. The moment you’ve done one load of washing, the laundry basket is full again. Here’s how to make it easier!


Too many of us try to prove something by doing all the cleaning. If that sounds like you, take a step back and consider what you’re trying to prove. Do you impress anyone with your efforts? Or, are you only wearing yourself down? Sorry to break it to you, but it’s unlikely your family notice those little jobs you do. That’s just the way it is. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to let the professionals take off some of the cleaning burdens. It’s what they’re there for! Turn to a dry cleaning service, or hire somebody to come and clean once a week. You don’t have to break the bank and get a cleaner every day. Just a little help now and then should make a huge difference to the amount of work. And, the professionals aren’t the only ones who could give you a helping hand, either.


We always want to teach our children those important life skills don’t we? Well, cleaning’s certainly one of those. So, make sure to get your children involved in the process. You may be hesitant because you’re worried they won’t do it right but think again. There’s no denying that you may have to go over their work the first few times, but they’re fast learners! Besides, you can show them exactly what to do. From cleaning the kitchen sides to getting the toilet bowl sparkling, these are lessons they’ll take with them. Don’t think you only have to teach your girls, either. A modern man does as much cleaning as any of us!


Another thing that could take the pressure off is the times you spend cleaning. Do you leave it all week and then spend a day cleaning the whole house? This may save you hassle on weekdays, but it means you spend your day off cleaning. Plus, a full day of cleaning will take it out of anyone. Instead, try cleaning for ten minutes each day. Clean the kitchen after you’ve used it. Do a load of laundry the moment you have enough in the basket. You’ll find that cleaning seems like a lot less of a chore when you’re only doing it for ten minutes at a time

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  1. Great tips! I tend to let the laundry pile up, and then get overwhelmed. If I did at least a load a day, it wouldn’t be so bad. I also love the idea of getting the kids to help out with some easy stuff.

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