DIY Foosball Game For Kids From a Shoe Box (Guest Post)

Simple DIY projects are a great way to spend some time with your children. Those projects will improve their creativity, and they will have so much fun making something with their own hands. One of the best DIY projects you can make with your children is a foosball table. Everything you need for this adorable DIY you have at home and that is what makes it so great. Your family can divide into two teams, one to color and other to cut. I would suggest that you leave the coloring part to the real master, your kids.

What do you need?

To make a foosball table, you will need:

·                1 shoebox

·                6 plastic straws or wooden dowels

·                10 clothespins

·                2 ping pong balls

From the equipment you will need:

·                Sharpie

·                Ruler

·                Paint

·                Scissors or utility knife

·                Glue and clear tape

DIY foosball table


1.              You can start with the shoebox. Measure the length of the shoebox and choose the place where you will make a hole for the rods. If you have 6 rods in total, keep in mind to leave the same space between them. You can make 4 rods or even 8 if you have the box which is big enough. Poke the holes for the rods and cut the shorter sides of the shoebox for goals. The goal doesn’t have to be too big, make sure that the ping-pong balls can easily come through. Also, make it double the width than the height.

2.              Now that the shoebox is all done forward it to the Coloring department. Give your kids some paint and let them color the shoebox form the outside.

3.              While kids are busy coloring, you can make the rods. Now, you have two options. You can use the wooden dowels, or you can make your rods with plastic straws. Use the straws for cocktails because they are wider and fill them with grill skewers to harden them. You can also pick straws in two colors so you can divide them into two teams.

4.              We are almost done! Now we have to make foosball players. The easiest way to make them is to use clothespins. The number of players is entirely up to you. I used 10, 5 for each team. Color the clothespins in the same color as the rods, that way it would be easier to determine which rod controls which player.



You can also color the goal in the same colors as the teams to determine which team shoots on which goal.

Author bio: Mark is a foosball player and blogger who loves to talk about foosball. He has a blog about it called the Foosball zone. If you want to learn more about foosball, check out his blog.

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