Early Visit to Dentist for your Child Ensures Lifetime of Good Oral Health (Guest Post: Mary Mathis)

While many people are aware of the importance of dental health and visiting the dentist regularly to ensure dental health, only a few know about the right age to start taking their kids to the dentist. It is recommended by experts that children should be taken to the dentist within their first year itself. This is because by starting your child’s visits to the dentist right from age one, you not only help prevent the chances of any dental condition but also incorporate and assure good health care for your child for a lifetime. There are various other reasons and benefits of taking an infant to a dentist within their first year.

Benefits of talking your infant to the dentist

As baby teeth act like spacers for their permanent teeth, it is recommended to take an infant to the dentist at an early age due to the following reasons:

  • Just like at any age, regular visits to the dentist would ensure clean and healthy teeth wherein the dentist would help remove any plaque missed during brushing.
  • The child would become comfortable with visiting the dentist at an early age itself and will understand the importance of oral health care early.
  • With a proper caries-risk assessment, early childhood caries can be prevented. The dentist would further provide proper guidance and supervision to help prevent tooth decay.
  • The dentist would also provide tooth brushing treatment which is age-appropriate and gentle for the child.
  • With clinical dental examination of the child, any condition such as plaque, decay or disfigurement of teeth can be detected and treated early before it grows and leads to a major problem which may badly affect the child’s oral health and facial aesthetics in future.
  • The child would be taught about proper chewing and brushing techniques from an early stage.
  • Dentist checkups also ensure proper speech development of the child.
  • Proper maintenance and checkups would further ensure good and healthy development of the primary teeth.

Importance of an experienced and trusted pediatric dentist

Before taking your child to a dentist, make sure he/she is an experienced and trusted one to ensure proper treatment of the child’s oral health. A pediatric dentist should possess some vital qualities and ability to provide the most optimal comprehensive oral health care services to a child so that any abnormality can be identified and rectified at an early stage. These services include not just treatment of oral diseases and conditions, but also provision of preventive services and imparting this knowledge to the child and parents as well. An experienced pediatric dentist would properly guide you about the various growth and development issues such as teething, pacifier and digit habits, and so on and will teach you how to deal with them. You can also take dietary counseling from them as well as guidance for taking optimal care of your child’s teeth and gums. In extreme cases of acute dental trauma, the dentist can provide you with a plan to tackle and cure it.

In addition to taking your child to the dentist, it is also recommended to attend programs and seminars organized by the dental community about early childhood education and child care. This would equip you with the knowledge about the importance of oral health, function, and aesthetics of teeth and adjoining tissues while making you aware of the age-specific oral health issues and problems.


About Author:  I am Mary Mathis, a knowledgeable and qualified blogger. I adore to write blog on many topics which is mainly focused on health issues for children’s. The above piece of advice written by me will help the parents to understand why they should start taking their children to dentist at early age for better oral health.

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