Help, We’re Trapped at Escape Manor

We recently stopped over in Downtown Ottawa for an exciting family adventure at Escape Manor. What is Escape Manor, you ask?

Escape Manor was founded by Billy Rogers, Chris Bisson, Steve Wilson, and Neil Schwartz and opened its doors in January of 2016, and since its opening, the madness and desire to participate in the challenge have increased significantly. While the downtown location Queen Street is the original, they now have several different sites which include Hintonburg, ByWard Market, Diefenbunker and Cornwall Jail. Different rooms. Different adventures.

In a nutshell, you agree to be locked in a themed room with a group of people. To get out, you have to search the place you are locked in, find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately find the key to getting out before the clock hits zero. Will we escape?

Our Night in the Asylum

Upon arrival, the friendly and polite staff greeted us as we made our way to the check-in counter. The team got us all sorted with the participation waivers and hanging up our coats. A few moments later, the hostess informed us that we were lucky enough to be selected to visit an old shut down Asylum. I have to admit, this girl was amazing, I forgot to take her name down. In any event, she played her part exceptionally well, and after her little story-telling, we felt like we right there trapped in the Asylum.

We attempted our escape in a group of five, mostly adults except for our two children, aged 12 and 15. Once we were shuffled inside the Asylum, the door quickly slammed behind us, and the five of us scrambled around the room, looking everywhere at everything for a hint, a clue, anything that would help us escape. Talk about a challenging event! We had to code-break several locks, decipher messages left on walls and props, and do all of this while a 45-minute countdown was taking place.

With each clue we uncovered, I was more and more impressed with the creativity and often more confused as I tried to make sense of this bizarre event. And, although I won’t give anything away, I will give you one crucial tip; communication with your group is critical.

But, did we escape?

While we might not have escaped, we did indeed have an epic adventure that we will never forget. We highly recommend Escape Manor for a thrilling experience with your teenagers (or adult friends). This activity is best suited for children aged 15 and over. Our 12 year old found it challenging but still had a great time exploring and participating.

Disclaimer: We want to thank all the staff at Escape Manor for an out of this world thrilling and chilling adventure. We received complimentary passes to Escape Manor. All opinions expressed in either this post or the YouTube video belong to The Busy Mom Diary, Our Messy Life With Kids and/or our children.

21 thoughts on “Help, We’re Trapped at Escape Manor

  1. Gotta love those escape rooms. I too, got trapped. They are tough!! I wanna try again though!

  2. This looks really fun. I went to one of these escape rooms last year and thought it was great

  3. How fun!! We still haven’t done an escape room yet, but that’s something my husband and I have been wanting to do with a few friends! I feel like we wouldn’t be able to escape lol

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! I’ve always wanted to try something like this.. I love trying to solve puzzles! It’s great to find something the teens love to do too!

  5. I love escape rooms so much! I’ve done a few so far and it’s so fun to see how well you can work together in a team to escape.

  6. Wow, this looks like so much fun!! I’ve always wanted to try out an escape room (we’ve got so many in Toronto), but I’ve not yet had a chance to do it.

  7. A few of my friends have participated in similar escape experiences to this and have all really enjoyed them! This sounds like a lot of fun and the girl who introduced the asylum to you sounds like a fantastic actress who really set the scene! I want to have a go at one of these escapes even more having read this!

    Abbey xx

  8. This sounds like it such great fun! A really good bonding experience too. I’d love to do something like this – maybe not an asylum themed one to begin with though (I’m easily spooked) but definitely love the concept of riddles, team work and problem solving.

  9. Fantastic. This is something we have been talking about at work as one of those ‘Bonding’ days. Sounds like a real good time:)))

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