Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby!

Having a baby can mean that your body isn’t as fit as it used to be. You may have gained a few pounds during pregnancy, and you might also have extra stretch marks you didn’t have before. It can be difficult to feel sexy and confident again once you’ve given birth to your baby, and finding the time to workout can be very hard. However, did you ever think about bringing your baby along with you? Well, now you can!


Yoga is a great exercise to do with your child because if they are old enough, the can join in if not, you can use poses such as down dog to kiss your child, and pick them up for warrior 1 and 2 and hold them in the air as you stretch. Your baby will love the attention it gets, and you will be able to extend your body and feel supple again. You can even find classes here: http://www.yogabellies.co.uk/classes/babies/

Baby Dancing

Dancing is not only a fun way to spend your time with your new baby, but it is also a great way to bounce back from that baby weight you gained during pregnancy. Hold your baby in front of you, play your favorite tunes and have fun with it, spin around, dip your baby and they will laugh and find the whole game fun and exciting.

Reverse Baby Curl

A traditional reverse curl or crunch will involve you lying on your back and bring your knees towards your chest. To make this move with your baby, hold your baby up in the air as you bring your knees to your chest and place the baby on your chins.

Baby Bench Press

A bench press is where you lie down on a flat surface and hold weights, and then you use your arms to lift those weights into the air and repeat. You baby can be your weight for this exercise. Lie down and hold your baby on your chest. Inhale and lift the baby into the air, while tightening your abs to strengthen your core. Bring your baby slowly back down to your chest and repeat. This is a great arm work out you can do with your child; you can also look at other ways to Destroy arm fat with these tips: http://www.mobilityguardian.com/upper-arm-workout-will-totally-destroy-arm-fat/


These two exercises work the legs, glutes and your core at the same time.

Plies: Stand with your feet wide and turn your toes out slightly. Squat slowly as if sitting down and tightening your abs, bringing you weigh to rest on your heels. As you rise, you can squeeze your glutes to strengthen them. When doing this with your baby, hold the baby out in front of you as you squat and rise back up. It will act as an extra weight for the exercise.

Walking Lunges: Stand tall, make sure you have an open space in front of you. Hold your baby in front of you and take a big step. Bend your front leg until it is parallel to the floor. Move your back leg to meet the front and move into a standing position, repeat on the other side.

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