How To Make A Family Emergency Plan

I have always been a cautious parent, but one thing that I haven’t done since moving into the new house is to organize our Family Emergency Plan. There are so many situations that can arise in a single moment, leaving you panicked and with no clear instructions on what to do next. It’s so essential for every household to establish their unique Emergency Plan.

Establish what type of emergencies that you and your family may experience. Don’t overthink it. Plan for events that might happen in your area. It could include, major snow storms, flash flooding, forest fires, earthquakes or tornadoes. A Family Emergency Plan is not limited to natural disasters and should also include general fire safety.

Things to do when making an Emergency Plan
1. Map an escape plan, in case of fire in the home.
2. Confirm a safe meeting spot outside.
3. Write down the name of a close family member or friend to call for help.
4. Decide who will be responsible for the pets and the emergency kit.
5. Practice the plan. Then practice it again/

Things to pack in an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should contain essential items that you and your family may need to stay safe and take care of yourselves for a minimum of three days.

Items to include:
– any medications
– flashlight
– extra batteries
– warm blankets
– first aid kit
– candles, and matches
– bottled water
-non-perishable food items
– ziplock bag to keep documents and cell phones dry
– whistle or something to use to attract attention, if needed

In case of evacuation, you might wish to include the following items in a separate box.
– sleeping bags/pillows
– extra clothing
– personal items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
– travel games or a deck of cards

Bonus Tips:

– Pack your emergency kit in a suitcase or a bag with wheels
– Store your kit in an easy to reach space and make sure that every member of the household is aware of its location
– Refresh your kit twice a year. A good reminder is to sort through and replace any items when the clock shifts to/from Daylight Savings Times. Check expiry dates and replace food and water with a fresh supply. Also, check batteries and replace as needed.

Taking the time to make sure that your family has a safe emergency plan won’t make you worry less, but it will help if disaster strikes.

Do you have a Family Emergency Plan? What have you packed inside and where do you keep an Emergency Kit?

10 thoughts on “How To Make A Family Emergency Plan

  1. These are all great tips! I also keep a spare key in a white sock at the side of each bed. My theory is, if there’s ever a fire in the night and we can’t get out, we can throw them out the window to the firefighters, and hopefully they can unlock the door and come in to help!

    Louise x

  2. Luckily, my bedroom is on the ground floor and my window opens outwards, so I would benefit from a quick escape in the event of an emergency in my home.

  3. We’ve got as far as teaching the children to leave the house if fire breaks out but not a full on emergency plan. It doesn’t seem as applicable in the UK where we have hardly any natural disasters but it’s definitely worth considering.

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