Adapting Family Mealtimes To Include Baby

As your baby grows, you’ll find they have more and more interest in family meals. You might already be sharing a few snacks and food items as you wean. But how can you successfully wean at the family dinner table, without all the headaches? It’s not easy, but if you start making certain parts of eating together routine, it might make weaning go a little more smoothly:

Food Choices

Certain foods are going to make a mess in the diaper and possibly down your baby’s clothes. That’s no reason to avoid them. A varied and healthy diet is essential from day one, but we’ll get onto the messy bits later. It’s also crucial to introduce healthy eating habits and attitudes from day one. Parents despair when their child is a fussy eater or develops peculiar quirks with their food. Choosing the same foods every day for convenience or ease won’t help with these problems later on.

Try lots of different foods from the very beginning

Seating Positions

Everyone should sit at the table together to promote healthy eating and family values. Use a high chair so your baby can sit at the table and engage in the activity. You can find reviews for the best high chair for the baby online. Choose one that suits the space, and suits your lifestyle preferences. It should be hygienic and easy to clean. If you regularly eat at friends’ houses, why not pick a foldable one and take it with you in the car?

A Note On Safety

When you use a high chair, you should always use the safety straps so your baby can’t fall. You might have spent quite a lot of time baby-proofing your home when your little one was born. Now you’re seating them in an elevated position, make sure they can’t reach or throw anything toward the hob. Keep pot handles and sharp knives out of view. Be wary of walking on hard floor coverings around the high chair. Your little one might have spilled food or drink that might cause you to slip.



Family meals are the perfect time to catch up with everyone. Don’t leave your baby out of the conversation though. When you’re going around the table to talk about the day, direct a few questions to your little one. Babies love it when they’re the center of attention, even if they don’t know why. This can help set up good family values and encourage engagement from the very beginning.

Cleaning Up!

Even with a high chair tray, food can get in lots of places. Most upsettingly, it might have made a mess of the baby’s clothing. Bibs come in all shapes and sizes. You can even put your baby in a coverall if they’re particularly playful with food. A plastic mat under the high chair will preserve your carpet. Non-slip bowls and non-spill sipping cups can help here too. Some babies will naturally bring back all of their meal. Don’t be too alarmed. Try slightly warmed water before and after the meal. Reduce portion sizes a little. And never give up!

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