How I Feed My Family of Five on $125.00 a Week

I assume that if you are reading this post, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been following my weekly frugal menu of meals for less than $100.00 a week. This week, we upped the budget to $125. This was to account for some small items that we’ve been purchasing here and there and to allow some fun extra treats every once and again.

Feeding your family on a small or strict budget can be overwhelming for many of us. But your grocery bill is one life factors that can make or break a budget.  This week, I want to show you what my grocery shopping adventure looks like to show you how I can feed my family of 5 (that’s three adults and two teenagers) on $125.00  a week.

First,  it’s not always $125.00 a week. Some weeks it’s more like $175, and sometimes it can be $75. It just really depends on what is on sale, what I have in my stockpile and how much money we have left over after paying the necessary bills. But, since I’ve been carefully meal-planning and writing it all down, it’s averaged out to be $125.00 a week.

This week, like many others we relied on price-matching, and we did all the shopping at the local Wal-Mart.

Here is the plan that we’re sticking with:

Write it Down 

We try to make a variety of meals each month. Keep in mind that my meal plans are to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard.

If you haven’t tried to meal plan, try our plan for this week for free. Click here to download the grocery list and menu plan for this week.

Here is the plan that we’re sticking with:
Sunday: Crispy Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups
Monday: Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef
Tuesday: Orange Picante Chicken with Rice
Wednesday: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Thursday: Sloppy Pizza Joes
Friday: Beef Stew – Made in Crockpot
Saturday: Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans

Avoid Eating Out At All Cost

This is probably one of the most difficult things for us as a family. With working full-time and juggling two children and their extra-curricular activities sometimes, it’s easier to order pizza. DON’T DO IT.

Consider Everything

I’m talking about breakfast, lunch, snacks dinners. You want to avoid shopping multiple times each week. With the kids in school, we’ve been fortunate to be able to eat leftovers on the weekends.

So take a few extra minutes each week to carefully make sure you have everything you need to make this meal plan successful.

Breakfast: We are simple. Cereal, eggs, bacon, and oatmeal
Lunches: During the school year, we prepare school lunches to freeze. We may have to adjust our budget once the summer rolls around.
Snacks: We’re about convenience and what’s on sale. We have a stock of granola bars, rice krispie squares, pudding cups. We purchase yogurt, veggies, and fruits each week.

What’s in the Pantry/Freezer?

Sorting through the cupboards (and freezer too) to see what you have in stock is just as important and figuring out what you still need to buy. Here is what we had already:

  • cereal, oatmeal, maple syrup, eggs, mustard, spices, sugar, cornstarch, cream soups, rice, pasta noodles, ketchup, mayonnaise, margerine/butter, frozen vegetables, stewing beef, bacon, chicken legs, pork chops, a couple of packages of steak and some other random stuff that I can’t think of at the moment. This is why I should have written down.

Follow the list but don’t be afraid to make substitutions.

A few things to consider:
∅I assume that most families have the necessary items such as sugar, seasoning, flour, and oil stocked in their pantry cupboard.
∅I do not include milk in the budget because this is an item that we use frequently.
∅I regularly shop at Wal-Mart, and the prices may vary depending on your location.
∅If a recipe calls for an item that I won’t use again; I often omit it.

It’s okay to buy extra items every now and again, especially when they are on sale. Click here to download the grocery list and menu plan for this week.

That’s how I shop to feed my family of 5 on $125.00 a week. How do you manage the grocery spending each week?


7 thoughts on “How I Feed My Family of Five on $125.00 a Week

  1. We’ve tried to start getting better at budgeting when it comes to food shopping. There’s only two of us so we try and stay under £50 a week. Slow cooker meals will definitely be a life saver during the winter months and will save some money.

  2. I plan my food a week ahead and I am sure this helps me to cut costs. Some weeks, I’m surprised to discover I don’t need to buy much at all to make meals using the ingredients I already have.

  3. Slow cooker meals are the best money saver!! You an pop slightly out of date food like carrots into one with some cheap meat, and it transforms them into the best meal ever! Great post, you do well on this budget!

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