Five Things To Do On A Snow Day

I think it’s safe to declare that winter has arrived once the very first snow day of the season has been called upon us. You know those morning where you get everyone up on time, have breakfast on the table and flip on the news to hear that school buses are cancelled. You blink twice and think what in the heaven’s will we do today, I’m not prepared to handle these kids on my own for the entire day while being cooped up inside.

Take a deep breath and sip that coffee slowly as this might be one of the longest days in the history of school days. Snow days and children don’t care that there is laundry to fold and put away or dishes to wash – they want entertainment and they demand it right now!


Over the years, I have spent many snow days at home entertaining small children, this was particular surprisingly easier when I had a small home day care and had a house full of kids. Who knew that more kids would ever be easier to manage? Now that my own children have grown and are well into their teen years, they mostly spend their snow days watching Netflix and/or playing the video game at home while I’m at work stuck to my desk that is covered in papers and files.

Alright, enough jabbering, I’m stalling because I’m slightly a little sad that I’m not at home with the children to enjoy the first snow day like we used to do when they were much smaller.

 So if you’re running out of entertainment ideas, here is the list for you to make it to the end of the winter season.

Hop back into your jammies, stir up some hot chocolate and enjoy your favorite winter themed movies. If you’re stuck on movie inspiration,  we recommend Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Home Alone and Happy Feet.

  •  Make your favorite finger foods, set-up a blanket and enjoy an indoor picnic for lunch.
  • Treasure Hunt. Choose a few objects to hide and then see who can find the most or set-up clues and make it a little more challenging. If you want to make it easy you can always use the “hot” and “cold” method to help your child find the hidden treasures.
  • If it’s not too terribly cold outside, get that snow gear on and go play in the snow. Go sledding at a nearby hill, build a snowman, snow monsters or a snow fort. If your children like ice skating, taking them to a nearby indoor or outdoor rink.
  • Arts and Crafts. I’m not creative whatsoever, so I’ll leave you with a couple of crafts that I thought were super cute.

    a. Penguin Masks

    b. Footprint Snowman Craft

So now that you know how we survived many snow days, tell us how you keep your sanity on snow days and keep the kids entertained for hours?

10 thoughts on “Five Things To Do On A Snow Day

  1. I love this idea of a treasure hunt! WE used to play hide and seek in my aunts huge house, but I don’t think that will work in a small apartment. Haha.

    1. Treasure hunts are super fun and there are so many different ways to play. Always an adventure that lasts for awhile.

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