From Good To Disaster In Three Days

If I had to sum up the weekend in very few words, I’d say it was practically met with disaster. The weekend didn’t start off that way, in fact my weekend started off great, let’s recap the weekend events.

Friday was a good day. The weekends always start off on the right foot when your boss dismisses the office a couple of hours early. I also received two FREE tickets to the football game to see the Ottawa Redblacks take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The only downside was that it rained the entire game. I was cold, wet and by the end of the second quarter I was ready to go home. We ended up staying for the majority of the game, leaving with 7 minutes left, the home team was in the lead. The opposing team scored to tie and won the game in overtime.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. In fact, I barely remember what transpired on this day. I’m pretty sure there was chores and grocery shopping involved.

Sunday: This is the day that made the entire weekend fall short. The husband woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was quite cranky. The dog ate a potato that she found on the kitchen floor and was sick all over the dining room floor. This potato find made the dog sick and she made a mess all over the floor. Then later that night as I was getting ready to rest my tired little eyes, I heard the husband shouting. I headed downstairs to see what was happening and discovered that the washing machine door was causing him major grief. Luckily enough, the door barrier seal jilted and managed to shift itself out of place causing the door not to close properly. I instantly thought, please be an easy fix as I quickly referred to Google for sound advice. After a few YouTube videos and my superhero strength and wisdom the issue with the door was solved. I crawled back into bed and the husband continued to never-ending laundry saga.

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  1. Yes that is a crazy weekend! & a good reminder of why I don’t Ave a dog! I ran my second half marathon so quite crazy!

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