From Zero To Teen: The Best Parenting Habits For A Well-Balanced Child

As a parent, we all want a healthy child, and a happy one, but what can we do to nurture our child properly as they gradually grow up and make them into fully rounded human beings? So, here are some things you should try from birth all the way up to their teens.

Zero to One
If this is your first child, this is always about the survival aspect, but you need to make sure that you are spending time looking after their motor skills, and looking after their skin and keeping an eye out for specific issues. Use items like baby oil when massaging the baby to help them with issues like digestion. Baby massage has been shown to improve circulation, improve their weight gain, as well as prevent teething pain. It’s an excellent way for you to bond with your child.

One to Two
It’s time to start socializing a bit more, with other babies and other people. The more people they can socialize with, the better. It’s also important to start reading to them at this point and start to make them aware of the sound of words. So, in this respect, the more words, the better. It’s also a time where they will start to point at objects, so start to offer a little bit of choice in what they may want.

Two to Three
It’s at this point that they can say a few words, so encourage this. They may not be saying the words correctly, but if you know what they are trying to say, say it back to them as you would say it, this will help them with a comprehension. At this age, they will be well into building towers, and also point out people in pictures, so show them any pictures and ask them who is in the picture, such as Grandpa. It’s also essential to help them to navigate objects at this point, so when you are in the park with them, gently guide them, because they are not aware of the repercussions.

Three to Four
Encourage them to play with friends more, and by this point, they will develop a best friend. Encourage them to say their favorite nursery rhyme (or song or story), and also encourage them to paint. A lot of parents don’t encourage arts and crafts as much; this is an excellent thing for aligning both sides of their brain.

Four to Five
They are now able to talk about the past and the present, so help them by engaging them in conversation about what has happened recently in the past. In addition to their verbal skills, which can develop better right now, there will be a lot more fears, such as the dark. They also need to be encouraged regarding reasoning, at this point they are not naturally accustomed to reason, so attempt to do some bargaining with them, obviously not extreme bargaining.

Five to Six
Encourage them to dress appropriately now; they can dress fine at this age. With regards to the pictures that they paint, you can now ask them to provide more detail, such as coloring in as well as adding more items of information, not just stick figures. At this age, it may be the best time to get them a pet, as they are getting protective over objects and people now. At this point, you should start writing with them, and encourage them to verbalize how they feel and that it is okay if they don’t like something.

Six to Seven
It’s at this stage that they need a lot more exercise, so encourage them to do sports and run around and play. This should be a natural thing they would want to do, so try and avoid the games consoles at this point. You should also encourage them to care about other people more, and how they can help other people. This is a crucial age where you need to think about developing this, as opposed to the whole selfish attitude of “it’s mine.”

Seven to Eight
By this point their imagination should be in full flow, so play with them and encourage this, their sense of make-believe should be intact entirely. Happiness is par for the course at this point, but it’s important to remember that bad feelings can creep in at this time, so this is why you need to start encouraging more verbalization about how they feel and to communicate if they don’t feel happy about something.

Eight to Nine
At this age they will have a fierce sense of independence, so you can encourage good working habits for them to lock onto right now. The one thing in this age is that it’s more about logical thought processes, but also you need to encourage the skill of seeing something from another perspective.

Nine to Ten
Buy this points adult conversation is in full swing, so it’s now time to start speaking to them without any sense of condescension. Bargaining and reasoning are thoroughly justified in this sense, so you can talk to them as you would another person.

Ten to Eleven
At this point, morals and what is right and wrong is a key conversation to have with your child. So, start as you mean to go on, and try to instill the best sense of value and morals that you have as a parent.

Eleven to Twelve
You should help them to express their feelings appropriately, depending on what your opinion is of this. Children can have conflicting thoughts at this age, and it can be challenging for them to cope with, so, expressing their feelings as they are going through significant changes at this age, is something they need to learn how to do, so you need to be there to show them the way.

Twelve to Thirteen
At this age they are completely their person and wanting to fit in is a big desire at this age, as you would remember. So the issue of childhood emergencies will turn into something completely different at this stage! When they are a teen, there is a completely different rulebook altogether, but when you are raising a child, it’s much easier to start implementing little positives as they go on through the years.

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