A Family Day At Fun Haven (Ottawa)

On cold days, when it’s much too cold to force the kids outside to play we need to be creative when it comes to finding indoor activities that we can all enjoy and that are not hefty on our wallets. We recently visited Fun Haven — what’s this Fun Haven?

Fun Haven is an indoor play park for children, teenagers, and even adults. The park, located in the west end of the City offers a variety of different price packages that are sure to provide an insane amount of fun for almost any budget depending on your choice of attractions. Many of the packages include a $5.00 card for arcade games.

Bumper Cars

Who doesn’t love bumper cars? It’s so much fun. The music keeps the energy pumping, and everyone was laughing and just having a great time cruising around and crashing into one another.

Laser Tag

I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy laser tag. But I do have to admit that once I figured out how to use my laser gun, I was on fire and had such a blast. The teenagers loved it, even more. I think they just liked “killing” me.

Laser Frenzy

A little space sequestered off to the side of the play park. It’s a mission impossible style mini-game. You race against the clock to make it through the laser beams. This activity could use some updates and with a little work could be a lot of fun. However, the teenagers were just not interested in this one.

Rock Wall

The rock wall allows guest to challenge themselves on three very different styles of rock climbing. Both my kids had a grand time testing one another to see who could climb the highest. I, however, was disappointed that the safety harnesses came in few sizes and I was unable to have a try at it.

Jungle Gym

We didn’t spend too much time in the Jungle Gym. We did run around and slid down a few slides. The area was the perfect size for toddlers and young children to roam around, climb and just all out have a fun time in a safe zone.

Crazy8 (Indoor Roller Coaster)

A major highlight of our visit to Fun Haven was the indoor roller coaster. I have to admit that the thought of even riding on the Crazy 8 terrified me. But, I pulled up my big girl pants and figured if these 5-year-olds can handle it, so can I, right? I’m happy that I braved the roller coaster because it was such a blast and not so scary after all.

Arcade Games

There were so many different options and styles of games to play. With teenagers, the arcade card run out of cash fast because their primary focus is to gather as many points as possible for prizes. I have to admit that while the games are a lot of fun, you would have to spend a good chunk of change on decent prizes.

Bonus Activites:
-Family-friendly Escape Rooms

All in all, you should check out Funhaven! It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours and trust me; you’ll find something enjoyable for everyone. Even moms can have a grand slam fun day!!

16 thoughts on “A Family Day At Fun Haven (Ottawa)

  1. It looks like you had a super awesome day! I am a fan of the bumper cars they are so much fun 🙂

  2. What a lot of fun! I used to love places like this when I was younger. The indoor rollercoaster sounds like fun too.

  3. Fun Haven sounds like such a thrilling place to visit! It is like a place we have close by but your Fun Haven has a few more things for the family to do than our one!

  4. Backup winter ideas are always great to have. When it’s too cold (moms especially) want to stay inside and having a backup idea like this will make the kids enjoy staying inside and still get them out of the house.

  5. As a new mom, I’ve been filing away ideas for playdates and winter activities. The snow and cold can get old so quickly! Appreciate you sharing what worked for your family. That rock wall, especially, looks like a blast!

  6. I didn’t realize you were also from Ontario (I’m from Toronto)! 🙂

    These look like great activities to pass Family Day in a really fun way!

    1. Your just a jump away from Ottawa. Thank you for commenting. Toronto has a bunch of great things too

  7. There is so much to do there! I’m surprised that you managed to fit it into one day. I think that it is great that there is plenty for teenagers to get involved with (as well as parents) because so many seem to forget their age group. It looks like you all had a fantastic time.

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