5 Innovative Themes for Girls’ Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a special event when you are a kid. Children look forward to their day all year. As parents too we want to make sure that every birthday celebration is unique. To make it unique, you will have to put some thought into planning the party. One of the best ways to do this is to hold a themed event. Having a theme for a birthday party gives continuity to the various aspects of the event such as the decorations, the cake, the dress and the party favors. It also makes your task easier when it comes to choosing the birthday invitation for your child’s party. You just go with the theme. Here we present five such innovative theme ideas for your little girl’s birthday.

A Superhero Party

Your girl would love to be a superhero in her birthday party. She will not rock the look with a cape and mask but will also be inspired. You should ask all the guests to dress up like different superheroes. The birthday cake should be in the shape of your daughter’s favorite girl superhero character.

Hello Kitty Party

Irrespective of whether your daughter is a Hello Kitty fan or not, she is merely going to love this as a birthday party theme. The famed cat should feature heavily at this party, on cookies, on top of the cake, on bows, and headband. This theme is modern. As a party favor, you can hand out a Hello Kitty shaped bag.

Sleeping Beauty Themed Party

You might have seen a fair share of princess parties inspired by Disney. However, Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora is one of the classic Disney princesses. She hasn’t cropped up in the Disney parties much. You can keep rose topped sweets and a cake suitable for royalty. You can ask the kids to dress in either blue or pink. This will turn the party into something unique and magical.

A Safari Themed Party

You might have come across several adventurous party themes for boys. However, girls too can get into action. You can plan a safari themed party for your daughter; a perfect idea if she loves animals. The best activity of the day will be live safari animals. The kids dressed as baby alligators, snakes, and tigers added a lively aspect to the birthday party.

Strawberry Themed Party

One of the favorite themes for girl’s birthday party is strawberry. In this theme, all the cookies and cakes made with strawberry flavor. This is one of the loved flavored when o comes to kids. The theme had everything pink in it. The guests too should be asked to dress in different shades of pink.

Once you have a theme picked out in your mind, the rest of the party planning will fall into place. There are lots of options for cakes available these days, and you can quickly get one that suits the theme. Same with the decoration and the invites, but don’t worry even if you cannot get things to match perfectly. Your child’s birthday is ultimately about having fun, and all the little guests are sure to do that when you’ve put in so much effort!

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10 thoughts on “5 Innovative Themes for Girls’ Birthday Parties

  1. I have twin daughters (now 21) and used to love coming up with innovative ideas on what to do for their birthdays. We had a safari, a teddy bears picnic, a butterfly, mermaids, and many more. Such great times and I can’t wait to help organise them again if I am blessed with grandchildren.

  2. I would love to attend these parties even as an adult! My little sister had a superhero themed party when we were young and we had the greatest time! A sleeping beauty theme sounds fantastic as well, thank you for these brilliant ideas!

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