Girls’ Night In For Moms In Need of a Break

It’s not always easy to find time to relax and enjoy yourself when you have a packed schedule, filled to the brim with work chores and household tasks there’s no way of getting around. So yet another weekend comes and goes, and we try to get as much sleep as possible, but then Monday is here again – rinse and repeat, right?

Make a difference this weekend and invite your busy mom friends over for a fun girls’ night in. Use the ideas below for inspiration and assemble your get-together based on your preferences – or just work your way through this list; it’s less work and just as much fun.

Retro night with board games

Regardless of how old you are, there’s always something from your childhood you can include for a retro night. Young moms who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s will be in complete awe over playing a round of Nintendo 64, for example, if you have one of those old consoles lying around – as well as some fun board games from the same era. Singstar is also a great to unwind with, by the way, and it’s seen as retro by now.

Dig out whatever you have stacked away in the attic or basement and invite it to your retro night, blast up some 80’s music, and tell your guests to dress a bit retro as well to work with the theme. Pull on a pair of leg warmers, for example, and make an entrance by rolling in on your roller blades.


Make sushi together

Sushi is one of those time-consuming dishes you’d only assemble if you don’t have to do it alone. The great thing about enjoying the company of other moms is that most of you will know how to cook – not like those twenty-something college kids who only know the number to the local takeaway place by heart. Gather your equipment and invite your most knowledgeable sushi friend to come over a bit before the others – or just have a look at this nifty site for guidance.

There is, of course, not a proper sushi evening unless you have something tasty to drink with it, and you can opt for rice wine or kikori whiskey as well as green tea if you’d like a non-alcoholic evening. Make a proper Japanese night out of it by serving your guests a hot bowl of miso soup before you get started on the sushi, by the way. It’s not that filling so you’ll still have space for the work of art you’ve put together – and it’s healthy.

Swap clothes

A fun and practical moms’ night in should have all the right elements of food, laughter, and ways to make each other’s lives a bit easier. An evening of swapping stuff, either your clothes, your children’s clothes or anything else your group of friends might be into is a great way to take care of everything in one go.

If some of you like to chill out with video games, bring the ones you or your SO has finished and swap them for something new. It works with books too, your children’s toys, or even the lamest gifts you’ve received this year.

Pair it with a big bowl of chocolate, and you should have everything you need for a great night in. It applies to all of the above, by the way, as everything goes well with chocolate.

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