Having Kids Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

One of the major worries about starting a family for many folks is the costs involved. So many people panic that they won’t be able to afford to have kids, or whether they can maintain their current lifestyle if they do. Now I’m not saying that it’s easy to do so, but having kids doesn’t have to cost the earth and leave you bankrupt. Just read on for some more information.


For a lot of new parents, a huge expense can be that of disposable diapers. They can be anywhere up to $10 a box, and if your little one is getting through 7-10 a day, that is a lot of money that you are mostly just throwing away!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand that for many folks they can make having a little one a lot easier. As you have a lot less washing to deal with, and you have to go with what is best for you. However, if it’s money that you are most worried about, then washable diapers can help.

Washable diapers made out of terry toweling in which you place a pad to catch any waste. Then you remove the pad, which can be composted, so it is way better for the environment too, and just wash the nappy. Some moms say they can save up to $350 in total using this system, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go!


Of course, another significant cost when you have kids in their clothes. Whether its baby grows from the newborn or the latest pair of jeans for your teenager, the costs of clothes can add up. But there are a few ways of keeping what you spend on outfits reasonable.

The first is to encourage our kids to care for their clothes. This means hanging them up in the wardrobe when they aren’t wearing them, instead of dumping them on the floor! As well as making sure they end up in the washing basket when the time comes.

You can also teach them the benefits of a capsule a wardrobe, which means you’ll have less washing and ironing too, so everybody wins!

It can also help to get a water softener if you are in hard water area. As hard water can damage clothes, you can check out this guide for some more info on this. In a nutshell, it means clothes age prematurely, and you end up having to spend more on new items more frequently, costing you more money than you need spend.

Preloved items

Baby items can cost a lot of money, were are talking strollers, baths, and tall that stuff, and you only end up using it for a pretty short amount of time. That is why it is worth looking at preowned items. These are used items that are clean and in good condition and are usually available at half the cost they would be new.

Some folks get a bit weirded out, using second-hand stuff. But remember it’s likely that the person that has owned them before you has hardly used either.

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