How to Stay Calm When Your Baby Isn’t (Guest Post: Intelligent Mother)

Babies are tiny little creatures, but they can be so confusing. Have you even been in that situation where they are crying and NOTHING you do, will sooth them? All parents have dealt with that, and it can be trying at the best of times. It’s completely natural to lose your patience at times, even with your baby.

The following tips are useful if you want to know how to have patience with your baby. When you are happy, your child is likely to be much happier, so these steps will make all the difference to your life.

Take Care of Yourself

Your needs are important, so it’s vital that you are taking care of your mental and physical well-being to take care of your little one. Sleep is so crucial! This might be difficult at the moment so remember to nap whenever your baby does.

Housework can wait during the first few weeks of your babies life; your health is more important. You could also sleep/have “you” time, if you manage to get a babysitter – even for just a few hours. Some new moms don’t want to leave their baby at another person home, so why not have somebody come over yours while you have time to yourself?
Make sure you are eating as healthy as possible this will further improve your mood at this stressful time. Even something simple like having a warm bubble bath can make such a difference to your mental well being.

Understand Your Baby

You need to have the knowledge that your child is crying for a reason. They are not doing it to annoy you or test your patience. He or she cannot communicate in any other way, just imagine how that must feel!

They are trying to tell you they want something, whether that be food, sleep or attention. They could even not be feeling good, if your baby cries without any apparent reason over and over again – definitely take them to the doctors for a check up.

Do not assume you are doing something wrong and that is why your baby is crying because this could make you lose your patience even quicker.

Share the Burden

Hopefully, you have a significant other who can help you care for your baby, which will be useful at times. If this is the case, make sure that you both take turns to wake up with the baby, do the nappy feeds and so on.

Being a single mom is hard, and it might test your patience even more, but you can do it! If you don’t have a partner right now, maybe you have family/friends nearby that can help? You should have absolutely no shame in needing someone to share the burden with every now and again, those who care about you should feel happy about doing their bit.

Look for Warning Signs

If your baby gets particularly upset, perhaps when they are tired, look for warning signs so you can stop the crying before it even starts.

Maybe in the minutes before your baby starts to cry, for example, he/she rubs their eyes or yawns – this is signaling they are ready for a nap and you don’t want them to get overtired. Put them to bed as soon as you notice these signs, and it should make a difference.

Likewise, when your baby starts sucking their fingers, they are likely hungry so feed them before the crying begins. The more you examine your child and get to know his/her little habits, the better you will become as reading the signals that they are going to cry soon.

Baby might be crying for no reason

During the first few weeks of life, your baby is starting to realize the sounds that they can make, and sometimes they cry for no reason at all. Realize that you cannot always sooth your baby when they are in this mood no matter what you try.

It does NOT make you a bad mom for losing your patience; it makes you a normal one. Sometimes you have just to take a deep breath and wait for your little one to tire themselves out. As your baby gets older (which will happen sooner than you think,) their crying will significantly decrease.

Take a break if your lack of patience reaches a peak

If you have tried everything, nothing is working, and you can feel your patience reaching breaking point – put your baby in a crib or somewhere safe and leave the room for a while.
Get some help from a family, friend or even a professional if that is the only option you feel you have left. You can’t keep trying and trying if your patience is running out because this is only going to get your baby more upset which will be a vicious cycle.

Thoughts of harming your baby is usually a sign of postnatal depression, which you can learn more about in the following paragraph.

Consider the Signs of Postnatal Depression

Your lack of patience with your newborn might be deeper than what you think; it could be postpartum depression. If you feel sad, tired, anxious and weepy on a regular basis – these are all specific symptoms of postnatal depression and need to be sorted out.

Postnatal sadness is normal and usually eases around a month after having your baby, but postpartum depression can last longer and be more destructive. Visit a health professional if you feel you are suffering from this mental health condition, it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and the sooner you seek help, the better.

Now that you know how to have more patience with your baby, you will never have to feel inferior as a parent ever again. There is no shame in being pushed to your breaking point, being a mom is hard work, and we’ve all struggled with the task!
By following the mentioned steps, you can have more patience, and your baby is much more likely to behave as you want them to.

Author Bio: Kristi is the mother of 3 beautiful angels, founder of Her blog was created in order to share experiences baby care, health care for pregnant women. You can find many interesting insights. Problems – Solved!

18 thoughts on “How to Stay Calm When Your Baby Isn’t (Guest Post: Intelligent Mother)

  1. I love this and such sound advice. No looking back on all those years ago, this sort of calm and helpful advice would have been so useful. It is so important to know it could be many things or it could just be them crying, but you do always want to know how to fix it! That’s being a mum. This is really reassuring advice

  2. There is something so visceral about the reaction anyone has when a baby cries–and its thousand times more so when it’s your own baby! I love your tips and tricks–I would also add meditating regularly and using mantras to remember that it is not about your being a bad parent, but rather, about communication. I also found that singing to the baby, even if it doesn’t make them stop crying, is remarkably soothing to the parents!

  3. Good reminders! It can be so overwhelming at times!!!! Always just know that it’s going to turn out ok. I remember my second son cried one night as if he was in extreme discomfort — but he wasn’t — straight through until 4am. He was 4 months old. And I didn’t think I’d make it through the night. I called the doctor multiple times and went through lists of symptoms he didn’t have. They helped talk me through the night . . .and eventually baby was fine. We went to the doctor the next day and was fine. I made it through the night, and so did he! But I’ll never forget how stressful it was! Thanks for the helpful tips.

  4. Your post brought back memories of a couple of years back when my baby was in that age. It’s such an overwhelming experience as a parent, particularly when they keep crying for no apparent reason. Your tips are so helpful

  5. I don’t yet have kiddos myself but I can tell it takes a lot of patience and courage to stay calm through the storm!

  6. Yes! I needed this when my daughter was a newborn. She had gas issues from birth, so she cried a lot and didn’t sleep or nap well. It was hard to stay calm when she was screaming all the time and we couldn’t help!

  7. Yes, couldn’t agree more! You cannot take care of anyone if you’re not healthy yourself ! xoxo

  8. So many good points to remember. My two are 2 and 5 now, but they still have their unhappy times where they can’t communicate exactly what they need. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am not a mom yet, but I guess I could be considered a professional babysitter! Saving this for my own and for all the mommas out there I help!

  10. What an absolutely brilliant post.

    Each suggestion is on point and helpful.

    I wish I had read something like this when I had my first babe. It would have made me feel so normal.

    Brilliant, brillant!

  11. This is all so true. And it’s not only the case for babies. Case in point: When I tried to put my 19-month-old down for a nap today, she totally melted down as I tried to change her clothes, which she’d spilled water on. It was a teary, snotty wrestling match. Clearly I waited too long to get her down!

  12. I love the name of your blog! Thanks for this post! My littles are 3 and 5 now but oh how I remember these days! Don’t worry Mamas- these days will past and soon be a memory you will miss! : )
    Thanks for sharing!

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