Four Things Every Mom Should Do Instead of Cleaning

Making mental notes of all the chores to be completed can quickly become part of an everyday morning schedule. It was something I would go over in my head during breakfast each and every day. Are you the mom who runs around frantically during nap time trying to put everything back in its place? You probably believed that nap time is the perfect opportunity for cleaning, but this leaves little to no time for anything else.  I know I get it, I was this mom. I  was one frazzled mom and I was one lego block  away from a melt-down. There are so many things that we should have been doing instead of worrying about the messy floors. We need to spend more time focusing on what really matters — love and memories.

It can be a constant battle with yourself fighting the never-ending mom guilt. Am I spending too much time on cleaning? This house is never clean enough. What will my parents or the nosey neighbor say about this mess? There is always going to be dishes to wash, laundry to fold and toys to pick up.  Stop caring about what the house looks liked or what the neighbors will say and focus on the bigger things in life.

Here are four things that you should do now!

 Make Real Memories

No one ever looks back on their childhood and remembers just how clean the bathroom was? Break out the board games, get messy with the paints or read books and make those long-lasting memories that everyone will cherish.


 A Little You Time

It’s far too easy to forget to take the much needed time to pamper yourself. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our mom life that we often don’t realize that we have worn the same shirt for 3 days in a row. So leave those legos on the floor, light some candles, find some bath bombs and relax while the kids are still napping — naps don’t last forever.

 Do Something for You

Moms often feel like they have been consumed by their new role as a mom. We put our own needs and wants second to everything. Instead of worrying about whether or not the floors need sweeping; put on your shoes, go for a quiet walk  and do something that makes your smile shine through. Read a book, find a hobby or just put the radio on and dance. You were born to be happy.

 Take a Nap

Moms are often overworked, frazzled and extremely exhausted. We work long hard hours without any breaks – we’re lucky if we manage 2 minutes for a potty break. When the house is quiet indulge yourself and take that little snooze.

Life is messy and complicated on the best of days. But that doesn’t mean you should spend countless hours cleaning and scrubbing the floors every day.

A successful day  for us now means that the dishes get loaded into the dishwasher, the dirty laundry gets tossed into a basket and we enjoy every moment of life.

Have you completed all the chores today or were you making memories and having fun?

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4 thoughts on “Four Things Every Mom Should Do Instead of Cleaning

  1. Ha, I wish I could nap but the guilt overtakes me! While I stay home and feel I spend a lot of time with my kids as is, I do need to stop cleaning (and laundering and cooking) to spend 10 minutes building Legos or playing a game with the kids. Visiting from Happy Now party.

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