How Do You Keep Your Kids Healthy Without Overprotecting Them?

We live in a confusing age. We’ve become cleaner than ever as a society in our efforts to beat diseases, sickness, and general unhealthiness, but there are limits to how hygienic a lifestyle one should lead; this applies in particular to your children who are still developing physically. Going overboard with clean habits might, in fact, be weakening your child’s natural resistance to bacteria and putting them more at risk of allergies during summer or any point during the year.

The frustrating question you end up asking yourself as a parent is: how hygienic should I be keeping my child? You don’t want to go to the other extreme and give them an unhealthy lifestyle which also affects their growth into a strong and healthy individual. It can be tough to find the balance, but the following points might just give you some ideas to finally put this topic to bed.

Bodily Health
There are so many aspects of bodily health to think about when it comes to keeping your children healthy. Milk contains calcium to strengthen the bones, and fruits or vegetables contain vital nutrients and vitamins that we all need every day. Of course, that’s only considering the meals we should be eating during the day; there’s much more to keep your child’s body healthy than that. The quality of their sleep is important. Not only should they be getting their eight hours of sleep but they should be doing so in a healthy environment. Dust is something that you need to clean out if you want them to avoid breathing problems during the night (or the day).

On the topic of hygiene, there are levels as to how far you should go. If you child drops their food on the pavement, then you should throw it away. If they drop it on the floor at home, however, then you might not want to be so hasty. Good bacteria can help our bodies grow stronger, and, while the bacteria on an outdoor surface is harmful, the amount of bacteria on indoor surfaces is minimal and could help build the body’s resistance if ingested. Allergies might become a problem of the past for your kid.

Dental health
Your child’s teeth are obviously critical. You probably nag them to brush every morning and every evening, but watching the kind of food your kids eat can also help to keep those pearly whites healthy; cutting down on sugars is a good start. Flossing is also something you might want to encourage your kids to do, as it’s important to keep the gums healthy as well as the teeth. You might consider making an appointment with a family dental care service because your kids need a dental practice which is geared towards their age range so that they start feeling warm and relaxed in this environment and stop fearing the dentist. You need to help your kids to take dental health seriously and avoid it becoming a tedious chore in their minds.

Other aspects of health
The key to keeping your child healthy is simply not to overthink it. Avoid the significant health risks by encouraging them to wash their hands before eating, stay active frequently, and cut down on their sugar intake. On the contrary, don’t coat them in bubble wrap because you want your kids to be active and ready for the world. An additional thing to take seriously is vaccinations; no child should be forced to go the “au naturale” route in this regard, as we’re only protected from major viruses and health risks as a society if a certain number of people are vaccinated. For your child’s safety as well as your safety, ensure you get them vaccinated.

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