Keeping Your Baby Safe in Their New Home

When you’ve got a baby on the way, there’s an endless list of things you need to do to prepare. One of the biggest things is making sure your house is completely safe before your little one arrives. You might think that your house is safe at the moment, but there are plenty of things that might not be dangerous for adults, that are huge hazards for a newborn baby. If you go through the whole house, checking every tiny detail, you should be able to get rid of any potential dangers. These are some of the most important things to look out for.

Tripping Hazards

This won’t be a big problem in the beginning, but once your baby starts walking, you want them to be able to explore their new home without worrying about them. There are countless things that a baby can trip over, so make sure you have considered every possibility. You also need to consider things from their point of view. Their head height will be around the same height as a lot of your furniture, so anything with a sharp corner either needs to be removed or covered, to avoid any nasty bumps. Stair gates are also a must, once your baby is a bit more confident with walking, then you can start teaching them to get up and down the stairs, but you don’t want them trying to climb unsupervised.










Babies are very curious, and they learn about the world through touch, so they are likely to be shoving their little fingers into anything and everything they find. Things that have hinges on are especially dangerous as they can get fingers trapped in them. You can buy hinge protectors to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Plug sockets are also very attractive, and can’t be moved, so you need to make sure that they are covered at all times.


Depending on the pets that you have, they might be fine. A small dog, or a cat, is unlikely to harm your baby. But if you have a large, boisterous dog, you might want to consider moving them elsewhere in the early stages of your baby’s development. They might think that they are just playing, but if they are much larger than your child, they could end up hurting them accidentally.

Another consideration to make with pets is the things that they bring in from outside. Dogs especially can bring in all sorts of pests from the garden that will make themselves at home once they are inside. If you are going to keep your pet in the house once your baby arrives, you need to use companies like Terminix, to keep on top of pest control. Make sure you vacuum regularly and comb your pet’s to make sure that they aren’t bringing in any unwanted guests.

Always be watching
Even if you think you have removed everything dangerous from the house, there are always things that babies can injure themselves with. You need to make sure that you are always keeping an eye on your little one as they learn about the world.


14 thoughts on “Keeping Your Baby Safe in Their New Home

  1. It’s a whole different world at that height and angle 🙂

    Such a helpful post for parents who are expecting. It’s so hard knowing what to look for as you learn a lot only through trial and error and sheer panic.

    I had no clue what I was doing when I was expecting my first and would have loved to read something like this.

  2. As someone without kids it is crazy to think how many everyday hazards there actually is in a home x

  3. I tend to not be overly cautious and risk averse, but when it comes to kids I have always been extremely cautious about plug sockets. Those little covers for them are definitely a must!

  4. Keeping the baby in safe environment is really important.We don’t have pets at home.But,I was really careful with safety when my kid was small.We always used the tips in this post.And we still keep our home safe though my kid is a preschooler.

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