Keeping Your Blog Professional – For Busy Moms

So you’ve finally decided to take the big step and start a professional blog, not just one for your family and yourself, but a blog where you intend to share valuable information with the rest of the world. First of all, congratulations! But before you go any further in your blog adventure, you need to know that there is more to blog than just the website that you see. There is a lot of work – nothing impossible for the motivated souls, though – and a professional approach that you need to develop. Sound overwhelming? Don’t panic! It’s all nice and smooth as long as you stick to the following few rules:

Create A Real Blog
When you decide to write online and publish your content on the web, you need to accept one thing first: You become a writer, and your words become public. You may not think of yourself as a professional writer, but you need to remember that what you type on the keyboard, in the comfort of your house, will reach a public audience. Therefore you need to give your dream of a blog all the necessary care for it to exist and become readable for others. If you want to check the step-by-step instructions on how to start a blog, you will be able to build a list of essentials for your blog. In essence, everything starts with a name, so don’t pick anything too ridiculous or too difficult to remember as your readers might not be able to find you. You will also need to find the right platform for the type of blog that you want to create. Some bloggers are into writing, and for them, a platform such as WordPress is ideal. Others prefer to post primarily images and videos instead of long texts, and they would find that other content platforms work best.

Market Yourself With Great Content
Don’t think for a moment that you’ve got the hardest part behind you, once you’ve set your blog up. In truth, the hard part begins now. It’s about being able to market your content: This means for a start that you should write content more or less frequently and that it should be somehow useful or interesting to others. In short, it’s not the place to discuss your heartburn tragedy unless you have good advice about it. Finally, as a blogger, you can get to interact with PR agencies and marketing people. Maintaining a close relationship with them is essential. For example, why not send a thank you letter for their contact – remember to attach your blogger card with glue dots at the bottom – to keep your business alive in their mind? Bloggers also have professional meet-ups, so it’s always useful to have a pack of business/blogger cards with you.

Discover networking events
Discover networking events


Understand The Audience
As you begin to have more readers, it’s helpful to use an analytic tool to find out how your visitors find you and how they visit the blog. This could be useful, for instance, to discover search terms that people tend to type in Google or Bing so that you can get new ideas for future content.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Your Blog Professional – For Busy Moms

  1. I thinks it’s important to have a plan for your blog. Taking some time to figure out what your reason is for it, who you are writing to, and planning out what you want to look like can help you well down the road in creating a professional blog. It’s easy not to treat it like a business but it’s better if you do treat it that way.

  2. Solid advice! Love it! I never thought to send a actual letter in the mail of thanks. I always reach out by email. It does offer a nice personal touch.

  3. I’m a new blogger and am finding it’s much more difficult and time consuming than I had imagined! As a new mom, this is tricky to add to the plate of other things but I am enjoying the challenge! I am hoping to get in touch with some good PR companies and start with some sponsored posts soon! If you have any great tips, would love to hear some if you could shoot me an email!


  4. I don’t have any experience with PR agencies yet. But, hopefully I’ll be ready. I also have to be reminded that what I write people will read, and I can’t get that back and have to be careful about what I share.

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