Kids Party Ideas from Around the World

There is no happier occasion than celebrating a child’s birthday, but while we are accustomed to the idea of festivity that includes a birthday cake with a set of candles and gift-giving, it doesn’t mean that this is the only way of throwing a birthday party. In fact, there are many exciting ideas around the globe that can, but do not have to, include the mentioned tradition. If you are interested in doing something different this year, join us as we travel the world to discover some of the most entertaining and interesting ideas to make your child’s birthday party even more special.

One of the most unusual Canadian birthday party traditions includes “ambushing” the birthday boy or girl and greasing their nose with butter for good luck. It’s not something kids get really excited about, but if you turn it into a fun game, they could really have a blast. Another, less messy tradition is to make birthday cakes and decorate them with colored sugar sprinkles. Between the layers of the cake, the kids can find a wrapped coin, and whoever gets to it first is also the first in turn for all the party games. It is an ideal way to get all the kids involved and introduce some healthy competitive spirit. All you have left is to come up with some engaging party games.

The United States
We are so accustomed to the image of American birthday parties we see in Hollywood movies, but is there something more to them? Well, basically there is, only that these days there are more and more variations to the traditional theme.Instead of animator clowns you can have animators masked as movie (especially superhero) characters, and instead of the usual balloon decorations, you can decide for more innovative DIY decorations that are personalized for the birthday boy or girl. Speaking of the United States, we have to mention some of the Native American traditions, such as the birthday person choosing the menu and playing the hand game.

Traditionally, Australian birthday parties include barbeques and eating a popular snack called “fairy bread” which is actually butter bread roofed with tiny sprinkles. As for the themes and venues, they vary depending on your preferences, but the parties are most frequently outside due to the pleasant climate. If that is not the case, Australians often choose interesting places for birthday parties, ranging from an educational and fun visit to a museum to an indoor Alice in Wonderland themed party. There are many event planners in Sydney who have experience in coming up with unique themes adapted to the kids’ interests.

Europe is a very colorful region with each country giving its own contribution to the rich global birthday party traditions. Here, we’ll name and describe a couple of the most interesting ones, so that they can spark your imagination:
–  There is a similar tradition in Lithuania and the Netherlands that involves decorating the birthday girl or boy’s chair with balloons, garlands and fresh flowers.
– In Norway, the birthday kid gets to choose a classmate to dance with, as the rest of their friends sing a birthday song.
– Russians don’t make a birthday cake for a kid’s birthday party. Instead, they prepare a birthday pie with a carved birthday note.
– Similarly to Australians, British people also hide “treasures” in the birthday cake. Depending on the treasure, whoever gets it is believed to be wealthy, happy, etc.

Central and South America
People in Central and South America do know how to have a good time, especially for kids’ birthday parties. Here are some things to pick up from these countries.
– The Mexican birthday piñata is already moderately popular around the world, and if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time. The piñata shaped to match the party theme is also a party tradition in Panama and some other Latin American countries.
– In Brazil, houses are decorated with brightly colored paper flowers and festive banners instead of balloons.

As you see, there is more to a birthday party than blowing out the candles on the cake. If you combine two or more of these traditions, you will throw a unique and unforgettable party for your child.

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