A Letter To S (Guest Post: Amanda Swank – Forever Blessed)

Being that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day recently passed, it got me thinking about one of his more famous quotes. No, not about a dream. But about something equally as important. About doing the right thing.

“The time is always right to do the right thing.” -MLK, Jr.

As I just had my first child nearly five months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I want her to know and about the state of our world. We live in such a self-absorbed society, filled with hate and disdain for anyone that is in any way different. Having a child has made me think more about this and so many other things that I had never given a second thought before.

As these thoughts flood my mind, I was inspired to write an open letter to my daughter so that she will have the opportunity one day to read it. I also hope others will read it and be inspired to write their own.

So here it goes:

S –

As I sit here and watch you sleep, I am in awe of your beauty and innocence. I truly hope that you can hold on to that innocence of a child for as long as possible.  I know that in a child’s eyes, everyone is truly equal and peace is something that is possible every day.  If only the country – and the world — would take this to heed.

When you wrap your hand around my finger and look at me with those sweet eyes, it reminds me of my purpose. You, and your Dad, are my purpose… and my heart.

Please always remember to be kind. You will undoubtedly have struggles in your life. Everyone does.  But please don’t let the cruelties of the world make you jaded. You will have less than some people, and more than many others. But no matter how much or how little you have, you will ALWAYS have the ability to be kind.  A smile truly can change someone’s day… and the truth is, giving someone a smile will change your day, too.

Don’t be afraid to be you. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are already so smart and have such a fun personality. I can’t wait to see how each of those things grow as you do.  Always remember that you are perfect just the way you are. Never feel like you need to conform or change for anyone.

Know that you can make a difference, in your community and in the world. This world needs bright lights, and you are one. Work hard, stay true to yourself, love fiercely, and be honest. Know that whenever you need me, I’ll be there. Physically or spiritually, in-person or by phone, across the room or across the country. I will always be here for you.

I love you to infinity and beyond, Bug.

Love, Mommy

About the Author: Amanda Swank, of Forever blessed, is a lifestyle blogger with her husband, Brian. She recently had her first daughter. She works in the non-profit industry, and also owns a marketing business. She enjoys spending time with family and reading or watching Nicholas Sparks’ books/movies.






17 thoughts on “A Letter To S (Guest Post: Amanda Swank – Forever Blessed)

  1. What a beautiful letter – I’m sure she will treasure it for many years to come. I hope to teach my son about love and kindness too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I don’t think we’ve ever lived in a World more dangerous and evil than we do today. All we can do with our children is instill them with a sense of right and wrong and hope their generation can put right some of today’s wrongs.

  3. Such beautiful and important words to your daughter! I wish for the same and I agree kindness goes such a long way. I hope that inbetween all the cross moments they see all the times it is all about love and caring for each other. Lovely letter and your daughter will love reading this when she is older

  4. This is gorgeous, i completely admire your honesty. The letter was a beautiful idea that I’m sure your daughter will treasure for the rest of her life X

  5. I love it when parents write letters like this because it preserves a time that is otherwise too easily forgotten. I agree that we have so many opportunities to be kind and do what’s right, even when it’s not popular or convenient. I aim to teach my two kids the same.

  6. I am a mother of two. at the time my first child was born, so much was going on in the world I feared and wondered if bringing a child into this harsh cruel world was the right thing. I felt selfish, I wanted to protect her with every fibre in my body. I felt guilty. BUT when she was born, one look at her changed MY world. Everyday I teach her right from wrong and hope that one day, when shes older,my words will change HER World.
    This letter is so beautiful and I’m glad to know I’m not the only mother who has such concerns.
    keep doing what you do and teaching your daughter what is right. Lets change the world, one child at a time.
    thanks for sharing. x

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I agree with your statements. We need to change the world for the future of our children and future generations.

  7. Good thoughts here. I think when you have a child you do want to root out all the bad in the world. It’s difficult to strike that balance between reality and aspiration.

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