Meal Plan No. 2 (With Printable Grocery List and Menu)

$100.00 weekly budget for groceries? Are you kidding? I get it; I thought this task would be impossible. But with a little work, price-matching, and meal-planning, it works.

This plan is not fool-proof, and if not carefully examined and followed, you could run into a few hiccups like we did last week. In the middle of the week, we ran out of block cheese and had to buy another block for $4.97.  But, we were still within the $100.00 weekly budget.

As with last week, we will be creating a new menu using many of the ingredients we either have on hand or purchased last week.

A few things to consider:
∅I assume that most families have the necessary items such as sugar, seasoning, flour, and oil stocked in their pantry cupboard.
∅I do not include milk in the budget because this is an item that we use frequently.
∅I regularly shop at Wal-Mart, and the prices may vary depending on your location.
∅If a recipe calls for an item that I won’t use again; I often omit it.

This week we are attempting to stay within budget and purchase a few extra items to build our stockpile.

We always have eggs, bacon, oatmeal, pancake mix and cereal readily available in our stockpile.

School Lunches
Ham and Cheese Wraps/Mini Buns (click for recipe)
◊Juice Boxes
◊We often eat leftovers for lunch.

Snack Items
These items typically last more than a week, and because we buy them on sale, we typically have plenty in the cupboard.
◊fresh fruit (depending on what is in season)
◊great value granola bars
◊great value rice krispie squares
◊pudding cups


Sunday: Cuban Pork
Monday: Pasta with Lemon & Parmesan
Tuesday: Crockpot Stuffing Chicken with Greenbeans (click for recipe)
Wednesday: Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Thursday: Tex Mex Pasta
Friday: Chicken Pot Pie (click for recipe) (we used one package of the pie crust that we bought last week while it was on sale)
Saturday: Cabbage Rolls

This week we spent $90.02 (based from Receipts)

Click here for the printabale menu and grocery list


What are you eating this week? Leave us a comment to share your ideas. If you need any information about recipes, please send us an e-mail.

Please Note: I post my weekly menu to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard. You should feed your family based on your priorities and values.

27 thoughts on “Meal Plan No. 2 (With Printable Grocery List and Menu)

  1. You are good on budgeting 🙂
    $100 for a week in your area is quite hard to budget. But if I have $100 and to be spend for groceries here in Manila, its good for two to three weeks, or even more if am not too sensitive.

  2. Wow! You are an incredible shopper and planner. A huge kudos to you! I live in California and for just my husband and I we roughly spend about $30 a day on food. We are not lavish spenders, it’s just what basic things amount to where we live.

  3. I have never done meal planning before. Last week, I spent to much money on meals because I have to go out all day. Now I think I should try your meal plan to save more money. Thanks for your sharing.

  4. Wow, nice, I need to pay more attention when I grocery shop. I’d love to only spend $100 a week. I’ve never meal planned before–I need to!

  5. Ooh wednesday and Saturday sounds like delicious meals to me! I had jacket potatoes and beans and cheese today but not sure what I am having for the rest of the week x

  6. I have never done meal planning. I don’t really need to since the only person I feed is me. But true that planning everything could help make some savings

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