Weekly Meal Plan No. 7

Last week, we didn’t get to make all meals on the plan.  We were busier than we anticipated and with an out of town hockey game in the middle of the week, our menu plan shifted slightly.

But we’re right back at it and more determined than ever to stay on track. You remember last week, I made reference to eMeals, well this week’s menu features six of their recipes from different plan options and our full review will be available in the next week or two.

I post my weekly list to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard. You should feed your family based on your priorities and values.

We always have eggs, bacon, oatmeal, pancake mix and cereal readily available in our stockpile.

School Lunches
◊Ham and Cheese Wraps/Mini Buns
◊Juice Boxes
◊We often eat leftovers for lunch.

Snack Items
These items typically last more than a week, and because we buy them every week, we usually have plenty in the cupboard.
◊fresh fruit (depending on what is in season)
◊great value granola bars
◊great value rice krispie squares

Dinners: You don’t have to make the same meals each day, feel free to mix it up in your way.

Monday: Steak, mashed potatoes, corn and mushrooms
Tuesday: Parmesan and Potato Topped Shepherd’s Pie
Wednesday: Bacon-Wrapped Honey Mustard Chicken
Thursday: Toasted Cheese Ravioli with Spinach
Friday: Chicken and Zucchini Enchiladas
Saturday: Comfort Vegetable Soup
Sunday: French Onion Pork Chops — we didn’t get to make this last week.

Menu Substitutions:

∅ I didn’t purchase any French Bread or Texas Toast
∅ Instead of frozen steam-and-mash potatoes, we made regular mashed potatoes
∅ I always use Marble Cheese in recipes.
∅ Regular carrots instead of baby carrots.

Items Already in Stock:

∅ Sirloin Steak, Potatoes, Sour Cream, various spices, juice boxes for school, Italian dressing,  frozen mixed vegetables, frozen corn, frozen broccoli, bacon, onions, parmesan cheese, dijon mustard, flour, honey, and I’m sure there was more.

This week we spent $113.77 (plus Enchilada Kit to be purchased as soon as I find one)

What are you eating this week? Leave us a comment to share your ideas.


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