Multifunctional Mom-Wear For A Winter Vacation

Summer isn’t the only time to board a plane and head somewhere exotic. Wintertime is a fantastic season for a vacation because it’s cheap, the kids get time off school, and it feels Christmassy. Put the three together, and you’ve got the family holiday of a lifetime! The only things moms have to worry about is their portable wardrobe. Going on vacation means you want to wow, but in winter is also means keeping warm. The last thing anyone wants is to catch a cold. With that in mind, here is a selection of the cold weather essentials to pack.

Boots Instead Of Shoes

Are you heading to the slopes for a ski holiday? Maybe you are going to Lapland to visit Santa Claus? If there is snow on the ground, shoes, and heels are not suitable. Yes, they look the part, but they don’t have the same protection against the elements. Boots are without a doubt the first thing you need to pack to keep your feet toasty and warm. If you like, take two sets – one for during the day and the other for at night. That way, it won’t feel like you are dressing down in the evening when you don a chic pair of Chelsea boots.

Thermal Leggings

Women often wear leggings in the winter because they are tight and prevent heat loss. However, a pair of average leggings won’t do if the temperatures are subzero. In that case, a unique set of leg accessories are needed to stop your pins from freezing over! The leggings you want are the thermal variety with extra padding. The thicker material traps in the hot air and prevents the cold air from attacking your legs. As a rule, the thicker, the better is an excellent motto if the weather is going to be beyond cold. Think of a pair like a wetsuit for your legs.

A Practical Coat

Statement coats are all the rage this year because they are stylish and practical. When the temperature is 7°C or 8°C, there is nothing wrong with mixing pragmatism with the latest trends. Sadly, this isn’t the case when the mercury gets so low that it starts to freeze! In minus temperatures, a coat has to be practical before anything else. So, forget about thin, tweed number which wouldn’t look out of place on a businesswoman. Instead, opt for a bubble jacket which has plenty of padding and a warm lining on the inside. If you choose wisely, the coat may be fashionable. But, please don’t cut corners because hypothermia is no joke.

A Sundress

Yep, a sundress isn’t just for the summertime. In the winter, you can use them to stay warm and dress to impress. In fact, the sundresses that everyone will love are the ones which are multipurpose. The key is to use it as a base layer to trap heat when you leave the sanctuary of the hotel. With additional layers on top, a sundress is like a pair of long johns for your upper half. To add a sense of style, be sure to wear a thick knit sweater on top. Then, you can wear the dress as a makeshift skirt with leggings and boots to match. What’s fantastic about reusing summer items is that it’s cheap and affordable.


Don’t worry because winter vacations adhere to basic fashion rules, number one being accessorize! Rather than jewelry, though, the acceptable are heavier and thicker. From a set of gloves to a hat and a scarf/snood combo, you will need them all to keep warm. But, before you buy any accessories, think about the style first. Hats aren’t for everyone yet beanies are a perfect compromise. A scarf is hard to mess up, so just remember to keep the material in mind. You don’t want anything weak or flimsy. And, never wear it outside your coat because it has no heat prevention purpose! Gloves are fair game because they all look similar.

All Black Everything

Color is essential for a vacation because the sun’s rays are weak in winter. What little UV radiation there is, you need to soak up as quickly as possible. Budding scientists and, anyone who remembers high school physics, will know black absorbs heat. Better yet, black, matte surfaces soak in UV radiation. With that in mind, it makes sense to take outdoor wear which is dark. It may only make a small difference, but it could be enough to enjoy the holiday!

Moms, the good news is you can be trendy and practical on vacation this winter.

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