How Working Moms Can Help Their Child’s Learning (Guest Post)

It is great being a working mom. However, things usually do not go smoothly. Sometimes, you will feel tired and overwhelmed. You kids may have issues adjusting to the fact that you are no longer always there for them. You want to ensure that no matter how busy you are, you still have time to create healthy family relationships and ensure that your children succeed in their studies. The following tips will help you ensure that your family has enough time with you and your kids still get excellent grades.

Find quality child care.

The best way to ensure that you get quality child care for your child is to ask around amongst your friends and family. Create a list of the criteria you will use to get the best care for your child include the schedule and services available. Conduct interviews and visit the daycares to ensure that you have a physical feel of the place. If you opt to choose a nanny over child care, ensure they have a history of commitment to families. This way, when you get home in the evening, you can ask the nanny about the homework the children worked and even get to see it yourself.

Make time to work on their homework with them.

One huge mistake working moms make, is to put their fatigue above the needs of their kids. Sure, there are days when you get home and wish you can go straight to bed. However, before you consider that option, take 15 minutes to go over what your children learned at school and look over their homework. This will encourage your kids to work harder so that they can get better grades and impress you. Chances are, your children notice just how hard you are working and they want to make you happy too. Therefore, by encouraging them to work harder, they will perform better in school to impress you and make you proud.

Create a family calendar

You need to figure out your priorities. The calendar can include when bills need to be paid, school and family events and extracurricular activities. There are apps like Google calendar that can be color-coded and ensure that everyone has the app in their app. You may also set aside about 30 minutes each Sunday to review and prepare for the coming week’s schedule, it will help you, and your family eliminates any surprises during the week. This calendar should be shared with babysitters and nannies to keep everyone in the loop. Stay organized and ensure that you keep a clean environment. Ensure you have a place where essential documents will be kept along with keys and batteries. This will keep your home efficient.

Stay connected during the day.

Although you and your children are not together always, you can stay connected. If your children are young, consider filming yourself or recording yourself reciting the alphabet or numbers. This way they can keep learning slowly and get to know their alphabets and numbers. If you are going to be late or miss one of your older children’s events, you can send them a special message. You can also hang up pictures of yourself and your partner so they can always know how much you love them. During your breaks in the office, you can have a video call with them and help them solve a few of the math questions they have before you get back to work. This way, you can have an easier time when you get home as there will not be many questions to be solved.

Create special family activities

Other than hiring a private tutor, ensure that your family has enough bonding time. The best way to ensure your children succeed in school is by making them comfortable enough to speak to you when they have problems. If they are having trouble mastering specific subjects in school, for instance, they will open up to you better and tell you where the problem is. In these particular family activities, avoid talking about work and always looking at your phone and concentrate on having fun with your family. You can ask your children for suggestions.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a blogger and writes various articles on education. He also writes for smiletutor who provides home tuitions in Singapore. He loves to go swimming and reading books in his leisure time.

9 thoughts on “How Working Moms Can Help Their Child’s Learning (Guest Post)

  1. These are fantastic ideas and I found having a family calendar a great help when my children were smaller. Making at least 30 minutes a day to read abs do homework is vital too

  2. Great tips! Both my parents found time to help me out with my homework and it always meant so much to me x

  3. As a working Dad, this is something that worries me about when my daughter goes to school. I’m going to make as much time as possible to help her when she starts getting homework.

  4. I went back to work part time after a year of maternity leave and it has been so helpful finding the best child care for my little one. If not for that, I would not have been able to go back to work.

  5. Great tips. As a working mum I must say it’s hard to juggle working from home and doing things with my children. Their homework etc always comes first. I would love to be able to have childcare but it isn’t cost effective in my situation.

  6. It all comes down to prioritising time with your kids and scheduling it. It’s too easy to carry on with what you’re doing sometimes instead of helping them to do their homework before bedtime on Sunday rolls around again.

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