Motherhood and ADHD – A Look Into My Life (Guest Post: Thrifty Haute Mom)


Being a first time mom and having a three year old at times can be tough. In between the stubbornness, not wanting to sit for a second and even the tantrums. Sometimes I’m at my wits end. I sit and think it can be worse. When I was pregnant I tested positive for genetic testing, my son had the chance of being Down Syndrome. I decided to wait until he was born and long behold he was a healthy baby boy. Now he’s three years old and has been diagnosed with onset ADHD. He is incredibly hyper. You know those kids that are in the store with their parents and decide to knock everything off the shelf for no reason? That’s my son. The worst part is you’re horrified that your child just did that. No amount of discipline will help because all they have is an imbalance which happens to distort their behavior.

Yes he is in his pre-k years and yes he is young. Thinking back to him just as a small baby, there are small things that I can look at and take back from him having ADHD. Until this date and I’m sure for a very long time he will only sleep a full eight hours. At that he also needs to take melatonin once a night. I’m talking ever since he was about 5-6 months old. His doctor never thought anything of it but I just knew there was something. To other people it’s not an issue. Until I dwell to them how much sleep a child should really be getting nightly. Even thinking when being invited to go certain places I have to sit back and think is this really a good idea.

This past summer, my husband and I finally got to meet with a Pediatric Neurologist. Previously, we had a really bad experience with a daycare provider who essentially kicked him out, which basically tried to say it was all him. The neurologist basically explained his body is having a hard time distinguishing certain behaviors. Helping him now may help him in the long run especially having to think about giving medications. Doing special activities can help him drive his energy which is the main problem.

To all the momma’s that go through the same. Be sane and soon enough it will all make sense later on.


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