No More Trick Or Treating 

Halloween.  For the last 15 years this day  consisted of costumes and toting children out the door to collect candy.

For years, rain or shine, I got the kids into their costumes and we headed out the door at 6pm promptly to collect candy.  I’d admire their smug little faces all bundled into costumes and coats and we were on the hunt for candy, often meeting up with family/friends along our travels. Typically within an hour or so, these adorable little children would transform into little devil spawns. One was crying cause the bag of candy was too much to carry, another one wanted to go home, they wanted to eat the candy, needed a drink, were cold or they needed to use the washroom.  I was often the one left carrying warm sweaters, sippy cups or bottled water and the bag of candy that was not that heavy. I did not have much Halloween spirit left over and we’d shortly be on our way home for the night.

Now that the kids are 11 and 14, this Halloween is different. I wasn’t surprised when my children announced that they would make the Trick or treat adventure on their own with friends. They no longer needed help into their costumes, no hands to hold as they cross the road on that candy collection adventure.


I have to admit I was extremely excited to not have to trek across the neighborhood holding a bag full of candy. Finally, I could stay in and attempt to watch the scary movie line-up on television.

But as Halloween drew nearer and we faced October 31, there was an empty pit of a feeling in my stomach. This was the moment that I realized that my kids are actually growing up.  For a moment, I was sad that our Halloween tradition had come to an end. I didn’t realize that last year was our last Halloween.

As the kids prepared for the night,  I snapped a few pictures and smiled. I could see the excitement on their faces. I’m sure they couldn’t believe that mom was letting them go out, by themselves. I almost didn’t want to let them go, but they are good kids, and they are grown. I know they will be safe and they will have such a great time with their friends.

If you are headed out this evening with your children in those adorable little costumes remember to cherish these moments and take lots of photos. For soon, you might find yourself alone on Halloween night, wondering just how did your children grow up so fast.

Kira as Boo from Monsters Inc. and Ethan the Hot Dog.

42 thoughts on “No More Trick Or Treating 

    1. Thank you so much. I just love the crazy hot dog costume. MY daughter’s was DIY and it turned out pretty awesome. They had a blast going out together.

  1. I remember when I used to love going Trick or Treating – it was so fun! I think we eventually stopped because our street is small and quiet plus not very generous when giving out treats. There just wasn’t any point. Great post!

    1. I always loved Trick or Treating too. I think I just outgrew the season and stopped. Thank you for reading.

  2. How cute. I stopped trick or treating at 14 but you’re lucky your teenager can still do TOT without any problems. A lot of places around my area aren’t letting you trick or treat past 12 years old. 🙁 Even though we don’t do Halloween, it’s still a sad thought that when I was a kid TOT for teens was okay and now it isn’t. But glad the kids had fun.

    1. Halloween is not the same as it was. Someone told me last year that my son was too big for TOT – he was 10. This year he is 11 and my daughter is 14. I think as long as the kids are in costumes and are just out having fun not causing trouble, who cares, give them some candy.

    1. I think as long as kids are properly dressed in halloween spirit there should be no issues for them to trick or treat.. no matter the age.. my son is almost 12 and my daughter is 14.

  3. Aw. Sad. My daughter is 2 so this was the first year she really kind of got what was going on. It was a lot of fun but I kept thinking how finite the time is.

  4. Aww that must have been an emotionally confusing one! Glad you got to sit back and relax though. Also that hotdog costume is pretty amazing!

    1. It was a tad confusing. I found myself wondering what the heck I was suppose to do. Yeah, I love the hot dog costume.

  5. Ah love this post, its horrible when they don’t want to do things because its not cool. I miss this as mine are growing up to fast 11 and 8 now but Jack has never been in to Halloween anyway.

    1. Its a bunch of mixed feelings when you realize they are growing up and no longer need you. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post.

  6. My son is 12, and has not gone trick or treating for 2 years…I was seriously so sad when he decided that he didn’t want to go anymore…but this year, we hung out on the porch and gave out candy together. So while he is not trick or treating, we are doing something else together…hanging on the porch and eating that candy! LOL!

    1. My son is just 11 years old. I will be so sad when my kids give up on trick or treating all together. At least you got to spend time with him.

  7. Oh no, I dread this moment when my little ones are too big to need me! It is part of growing up, of course, but it is so reassuring to hold their hands. Not that I enjoy knocking on the neighbours’ doors!

  8. Aww this post is bittersweet. I remember my mum used to make the most amazing Halloween costumes for me when I was little, even the year when I was a mummy and only got around five steps out my front door before my whole costume unravelled, causing me to cry my eyes out! x

  9. I felt that way last year, missing the tradition but thoroughly enjoyed my quiet evening. With the move, not knowing the neighborhood and also being in the middle of nowhere, we made the trek out with the kiddies last night.

    1. Angeline!! Hi girlie. I’m so glad you read this article. I’m glad you all had a great trick or treating last night.

      1. Everyday!! 🙂 Your conversation I never thought I’d have with my son post was great and I even had Kyle read it.

  10. This was my first year taking my son out trick or treating. He’s just 2 and we only went around the block. This post made me well up with tears! Just a reminder that life goes way too fast!

    1. Megan, thanks for stopping by. You have plenty of time left for trick or treating and special memories to be made. Did your son love Halloween? What did he dress up as this year?

  11. Ah I love this post, it’s such an open and honest post. It’s great that you finally managed to catch some of the movies you wanted to watch though! I love the Hotdog costume, it’s so cool! x

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