No, You Can’t Have What You Want at Walmart

Yes, I’m that parent that stands in the checkout line, staring at her cell phone while one or both of the children are in full melt-down mode because I didn’t buy that $2 pack of stickers or whatever new gadget has caught their attention.

Do I want to give my children everything they ask for, of course, I do. All parents want to ensure their children keep the smirky little smiles on their cute little faces.

As parents, it can be hard to say no to the demands of our children. But it is not my job to be a magical fairy to grant their every wish. Don’t get me wrong; I occasionally buy my kids what they want, I’m not a complete hardass. But my answer will still be NO the majority of the time.

We want to avoid those public tantrum meltdowns. I will admit, I’ve left many half-filled carts in the aisle as my screaming child followed me out of the store. Shopping with kids is not easy or for the faint of heart. It takes patience and courage to stand your ground.

We define success by the amount in our bank account, and the cool things our children have. We are living in a world filled with consumerism. The more things we have, the happier most of us appear to be — it’s no wonder that millions of people are living in debt and burying themselves in more debt just to fit in with society.

We’re afraid to be judged by other parents
Yes, this happens every day. It happens for the things we say, things we do, and even the things we buy. Everyone has done it at one time or another. You might have glanced into the shopping cart and wondered why that mom was buying 15 boxes of fruit loops or why there was no fresh fruit within the basket. The point is, as parents we’re afraid that if we don’t buy the latest toys that it will reflect poorly on our parenting – and this sounds silly because it is, but it happens every day.

The most important reason why I say NO to my children is that I want them to understand that rewards come to those who work hard. I am not doing my kids any favors by giving into their every command. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, and I want them to understand the value of a dollar.  I am teaching them all about money and how to be happy and live confidently with yourself and not to rely on materialistic items. Money is not everything.

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