Help, We’re Trapped at Escape Manor

We recently stopped over in Downtown Ottawa for an exciting family adventure at Escape Manor. What is Escape Manor, you ask? Escape Manor was founded by Billy Rogers, Chris Bisson, Steve Wilson, and Neil Schwartz and opened its doors in January of 2016, and since its opening, the madness and desire to participate in the […]

How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

It’s one of the most troubling thoughts that goes through a mother’s head: is my kid healthy? We think about our children’s health a lot, but it’s all too easy to overlook their dental health, which can be crucial for their overall quality of life. And if you think you should start worrying about that […]

The Real Reasons Every Mom Should Find Time For Fitness

Time, or more specifically a lack of time, is up there with the most common excuses for inactivity. The trouble is that inactivity is actually incredibly dangerous for your health and wellbeing. Did you know that living a sedentary lifestyle can be even more damaging to your health than obesity? If you’re a mom, it’s […]

Weathering The Wobbles In Your Child’s Faith

When our kids are young and rely on us for everything, parenting is easy enough. If you go to church, they go to church. If you want them to attend reading classes, they have no choice but to do it. Such is the joy and importance of the early years. But, as they get older, […]

The Light At The End Of The Childhood Tunnel

When we become parents, every bleak reality comes to the fore. Perhaps it wasn’t that way once. But most mothers know the feeling of looking at every stranger with suspicion and watching the news with horror. It’s all war, murder, and sexual harassment. No matter which way you turn, there’s a new horror to get […]

Weekly Menu No. 17

Another one bites the dust. 2017, the year that is. So we’ve been doing this meal-planning for just about four months now, and while it’s been challenging, we have managed to follow the meal plan most weeks. These last few weeks have been super busy between the holidays and our local attractions tour. Stay tuned […]

Soaring High With Flying Squirrel

Do you remember jumping up and down on the bed as a small child? Wasn’t it so much fun? Now you can relive that excitement with Flying Squirrel Sports, a premium indoor trampoline adventure park. Our Adventure Experience Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us the way to the online required […]

Weekly Menu No. 16

Holy crap, it’s already Christmas Eve! I haven’t even finished wrapping up the presents yet. But, I am happy to say that at least all the gifts have already been purchased, that must count for something. Right? We’ve been pretty busy the last week between touring local attractions and the holiday season. But, we’re still […]

Winter 2017: FabFitFun Reveal

It’s the FabFitFun Winter Box!!! Oh boy, I can hardly even believe that I’ve been receiving this quarterly subscription for an entire year. That’s right, we’ve opened the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! It’s always a super exciting day when it’s delivery day. It’s THE best subscription box around because all the products are full […]

A Christmas Morning Beauty Routine for Moms

Each and every mom out there knows this to be true – being a parent is a fulltime job. If on top of motherhood you also have a career, you are well-aware of the fact that taking time for yourself and tuning out the world is virtually impossible. You could make an attempt to take […]