Stop and Be Kind

As women, we are not only judged by the world around us, we judge each other on parenting and lifestyle choices. All things that are personal choices and not ours to make. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. We are all just moving forward and doing the best that we can with the knowledge […]

I Don’t Sweat Like That…

Last night while watching tv with the family, I had looked down to check my phone during a commercial. I wasn’t paying much attention, was just browsing through Facebook. When I suddenly heard my daughter ask, “Why is that lady sweating so much?”  I turned to look at realized it was a commercial for menopause. […]

Annoying & Amusing – Just An Ordinary Day In The Office

Every few days, my name comes across the reception schedule. This means that I have the task of answering telephone and watching over the front desk – greeting clients and receiving courier packages.  This task varies day-to-day and can go from downright busy to nap time  time within a few minutes. Most days, people are […]

50 About Me

Today, I’m going to keep it simple. I borrowed this idea from Ashley, over at The Geeky Mama Blog. Check out her posts, just click on the link and head right over! So without further delay, here is 50 about me. 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?  Not that I am aware of. Though, when […]

Knorr Alfredo Pasta Sauce Mix

After a long day at work, I HATE coming home and having to sort out dinner. I can’t imagine spending an hour or more, pulling ingredients just to make a family dinner. The menu idea is helping with that plan. But we needed to take it one step further for a simple, easy and convenient […]

The Great Flyer Extravaganza!

After much debate, we decided to allow the minions to get a small paper route, it couldn’t be that bad right? Here’s the deal, the flyers get delivered to your door, you package them and then deliver them to all 166 houses on the route.. and all for $0.21 per house. I laughed! It will […]

5 Things I Didn’t Know

When my second child arrived, I was excited for a son. But nothing could prepare me for the adventure I was about to embark. Someone really should hand out a checklist at the hospital. The nurses all staring at you as you swaddle that little baby and prepare for this new chapter in you life. […]

Dear Daughter

A letter to my daughter. From the very first moment that I saw your little face and held you so tight in my arms, I knew that having a daughter was one of the most precious gifts that I would ever receive. You were a sweet baby. You made everyone smile. You brought so much […]

Easy Zesty Italian Pasta Salad

Tonight, I thought I would share this simple pasta salad that I have  created over many years. It started with the very basic pasta and dressing, and now includes a variety of vegetables. This is a great dish for any backyard BBQ or quick and easy cold side dish to your meal.  This is definitely […]

The Great Sock Mystery

I know that matching socks on laundry day seems so trivial in the big scheme of things, but it has to be one of my least favorite things to do. I was always struggling to find those missing socks. I’m not sure who was the worse culprit, the invisible sock monster or my bratty children […]

So Well Himalayan salt lights