What Mom Really Wants For Christmas

The holidays bring out gift guides galore filled with hundreds of super awesome gift ideas for busy moms, fit moms, the foodie mom and all moms alike. You know the guides I’m talking about right? The ones that we stare at and think of man I’d really love this food processor in my kitchen!! Hi5 […]

December Goals and Updates

I will keep today’s post brief and to the point. November was a very exciting month for me. We had our very first product review and we shared some great posts. Here are some posts you should take a look at if you haven’t already. Product Review: Me Undies Family Holiday Traditions Courage and Strength: […]

Courage and Strength – I Learned From My Daughter

Through my daughter’s eyes and in her pain, she has taught me so much. My daughter is such a strong girl and the way that she carries herself and continues to push through the darkest times has shown me such tremendous courage and strength. Read the full article as featured on Know Different: My Daughter […]

Five Things To Do On A Snow Day

I think it’s safe to declare that winter has arrived once the very first snow day of the season has been called upon us. You know those morning where you get everyone up on time, have breakfast on the table and flip on the news to hear that school buses are cancelled. You blink twice […]

The Review of Me Undies

Wow, I’ve never been real fussy on underwear before, I mean, seriously its underwear. My idea of shopping for underwear usually consists of browsing over the Wal-Mart shelf and hoping for the best. I’m lucky if I’m able to snag a pack before my son turns purple from laughing and giggling at all the undergarments. […]

Organized Chaos – Driving Test and a Funeral Home

Yesterday was chaotic, I had the day off work to run errands. The most important being my driver’s test.  I hate the whole method – A three part driver’s licence  – a written test and two road tests in a matter of 5 years. Yes, you heard me I had 5 years to get it all complete […]

Three Things I Discovered from a Night Out

A few nights ago, we we’re lucky enough to attend our first hockey game of the season, and I’m unnerved to say the first in many years.  As my son pointed out, on average we have attended one game every four years! That’s ridiculous – we live in Canada and we’re a hockey loving family. […]

Family Holiday Traditions

In recent years the Christmas Holiday has quickly made its way to the top of my favorite holiday list.  This is a time that my entire family, from grandparents to the smallest of cousins all get together for great food, awesome fun times and many laughs from the early afternoon to late into the night. […]

The Effing Teenage Years

Parents often think that raising children in the toddler stages is the most difficult. I used to be this parent, until we entered into the unknown world of teenagers. Do you remember having a bad day, and then your toddler would come hug you and proclaim how much they loved you? Those days are gone, […]

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