Different Parenting Styles That Every Family Practices (Guest Post Dorothy Piamonte)

On some level, every family practices a different parenting style because we are all unique people with varied backgrounds and beliefs. But, in the world of psychology, there are only four recognized styles of parenting.

This view of parenting styles is the brainchild of researcher Diana Baumrind, who classified parenting styles based on four essential elements: responsiveness v. unresponsiveness and demanding v. undemanding. Baumrind believed that the ideal parents are affectionate with their children and develop rules that they expect the children to abide by.


This is indulgent parenting. These parents are responsive to their children, but they demand little if anything. Permissive parents are loving and nurturing, but they are also tolerant and avoid confrontation. Because of this, their children lack structure, and this can cause the children to have issues with self-control.

These parents don’t require their kids to exercise restraint or to behave appropriately, so the children aren’t accustomed to the negative consequences they will incur from acting inappropriately in the outside world. They are often shocked. As adults, they may also be seemingly unaware of behavior that causes aggression in others. They just don’t know how to behave.


This is strict parenting. These parents demand a lot but are not responsive.  There is very little open dialogue between parents and children. There are strict rules and expectations and failure to comply usually results in punishment. Authoritarian parents are big on discipline and may use physical punishments, like spanking.

These parents are often trying to prepare their children for a harsh, unforgiving society that will beat them down in adulthood. They think children who are ruled by restrictive, reprimanding parents are better prepared for the stress of adulthood. Sadly, because they were never able to make decisions of their own, these children may flounder in adulthood.


This is considered the most beneficial style for parents of average children; it blends the other two styles, as parents are both demanding and responsive. They have high expectations for their children, but they moderate these with understanding and support, as well. These parents attempt to balance their need for control with their child’s need for autonomy.


There is a fourth style of parenting that is both undemanding and unresponsive. These are parents who have, for a variety of reasons, ceased to care properly for their children. For example, many people who struggle with heroin addiction fail to nurture their children or to provide them with the things that they need, like food and clothing. Their addiction becomes their primary driving force. Getting in rehab center for heroin abuse treatment can prevent pulling away the attention for the important work of parenting.
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