Why Pregnant Women Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow (Guest Post Barbara Stec)

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that many women will have the opportunity to experience at least once in their life. As the baby grows, so does your belly and as your belly grows, it becomes more difficult to maneuver, especially when sleeping. Comfort can be hard to maintain especially during the later months in pregnancy. Fortunately, if you have a pregnancy pillow, you will be sure to find some relief and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Common symptoms in later stages of pregnancy are back pain and sometimes leg cramps. This is when having a body forming pregnancy pillow can come in handy. Some women tend to be stomach sleepers so the pillow helps to keep mothers to be in a fetal like position. This gives the sensation of having their belly still pressed up against something and also helps to relieve back pain. The pillow can also be used for after the pregnancy to help with nursing and even supporting the baby.

When speaking to friends that are mothers and mothers to be, they have all stated the same thing. A pregnancy pillow helps them to sleep on their side. One mother said its difficult to sleep on her side without a pillow as the baby is always kicking her at night where there are also noticeable springs in the mattress. They all agreed that the pillow has been a good friend to them during their pregnancy. Using a pillow also helps reduce the chances of the baby’s circulation being cut off due to laying in certain, uncomfortable positions.

How do you choose a pregnancy pillow and what are the best ones to use?

There are different types and different shapes. Some of the most popular brands are listed below.

  • Boppy Pregnancy Wedge
  • Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • Meiz Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow
  • Leachco Body Double Adjustable Maternity Pillow Set
  • Born Free Comfort Belly Pillow
  • Inspired Mother Maternity Pillow

Some of the above listed pillows are larger than the others and some offer support to certain areas of the body. A wedge can be used to lean against or to have between your knees to provide additional comfort to areas once may not normally think of. A wedge can also help with elevation of the legs if needed. All of these pillows are ideal for pregnant women and sometimes become their best friend if ordered to bed rest. You may need to try multiple pillows before you find the one that fits you well. Either way,a pregnancy pillow is quite ideal to have when developing your little one.

About The Author: Barbara Stec is a mom blogging about my four kids, attempting to stay healthy; all while trying not to get fired from her job. She loves wine, coffee,  her Kindle and sleep.

42 thoughts on “Why Pregnant Women Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow (Guest Post Barbara Stec)

  1. Ah I remember this stage of my pregnancy, I hated not being able to sleep on my stomach and found a pregnancy pillow sooo helpful 😊

  2. I can’t quite imagine what being pregnant feels like, but these pillows sure do look like they’d come in handy! I’ll keep this in mind for the future 🙂

  3. Pregnancy is indeed a beautiful experience. I still remember the kicks that my little one used to give all the time while she was inside. It was nostalgic reading this post

  4. So many new products for pregnancy. I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow way back in the stone ages when I was pregnant. LOL. But it sounds like it would help with sleeping and discomfort.

    1. I’m with you, I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow and never even heard of one until just recently.

    1. I had never heard of these when I was pregnant.. that was 12 years ago. Now, I see them everywhere.

  5. This reminds me of that scene in that movie with JLO where she basically kicks her man out of bed so she can cuddle with the pillow and he throws a fit, and tosses it out the window.

  6. I couldn’t have lived without my pregnancy pillow, it made such a difference. I was so huge when I carried the twins that pillows where what allowed me to get to sleep at night. Mich x

  7. I wish I had one of these pillow years ago. I bought one for my daughter when she was pregnant and she said the pillow was the best thing in helping her get comfortable and sleep better

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