Proven And Time Tested Pregnancy Care Tips (Guest Post: Lily Hayes)

Pregnancy and the process of becoming a mother is a beautiful gift of nature. However, it also comes with its own share of problems and challenges. Hence we should be careful about pregnancy while being happy about it. There are some proven tips which have stood the test of time. Following them would most certainly help you to overcome the practical and emotional problems associated with pregnancy.

Go Through A Test First
The first thing is to be sure that the woman concerned is pregnant. There are many ways and means by which this can be done. There are simple homemade pregnancy test kits available and this would help you to know whether the test is positive or negative. It will not even take more than a few minutes. Once the pregnancy is confirmed it is time that you started taking your pregnancy seriously and went through the various tips. Here are some commonly followed tips which could go a long way in making the whole journey pleasant and free from major problems and hiccups.

Rest During The Initial Phase
The first 30 to 45 days of pregnancy are quite important. You must be sure that you do not exert too much during this phase. You should get yourself thoroughly checked by your doctor. If she feels, you must not hesitate to take a break from your work and spend more time taking things casually. You must be sure that you have the right type of food which is nutritious and also tasty at the same time.

Importance Of Pre-Natal Vitamins
In fact, if you have started taking steps to conceive, it would not be a bad idea to start taking pre-natal vitamin supplements and minerals. They go a long way in making the fetus healthy in all respects. However, you should not use the vitamins and minerals available over the counters. You must follow your doctor’s instructions to that you don’t end up eating the wrong vitamins or do not overuse them.

Importance Of Exercise
Once you are through with the initial stages of pregnancy (around 45 to 60 days) you must start doing some regular exercises. Staying active is extremely important for pregnant mothers. It will help a lot in keeping your weight under control, enhance your mood and also improve overall circulation of blood across the body. This is one of the most important tips as far as healthy pregnancy is concerned.

Be Aware Of Those Early Morning Sickness Problems
Many pregnant women often are at a loss when it comes to answering the question what does morning sickness feel like. They usually associate with a tendency to vomit and many of them feel extremely uneasy. This is quite normal for pregnant women and it means that the placenta is progressing and developing well. It is best tackled without medications but at times when it becomes severe, you should go by the doctors’ advice.

Importance Of Adding Fiber To Your Food
Many pregnant women often complain of constipation and therefore it is important to add foods that are rich in fiber. Apart from helping in overcoming constipation, fiber rich food also helps a lot in better absorption of food from the intestinal tract which benefits both the mother and the child. It also prevents overeating because fiber helps in filling up the stomach.

Additionally, it would not be a bad idea to split the food intake into small parts rather than having three big meals. This will help in better digestion and during the advanced stages of pregnancy, it could help in preventing uneasiness which is often caused by eating carbohydrates and fats.

Bring Some Changes To Your Daily Chores
You must try and stay away from some regular daily chores when you are in pregnancy. These include lifting heavy weights, climbing on ladders and step stools, using harsh chemicals and you also must avoid standing for long periods of time. Even tasks like scrubbing your bathroom or cleaning your pets should be avoided during pregnancy.

In fine, pregnancy is quite safe for all mothers and in most cases, the whole process gets over quite happily. However, it is always prudent to take some necessary precautions and there are a number of resources available that could help you in this endeavor. You need not be too preoccupied with your pregnancy and keeping your mind free and your mood in good shape could certainly help a lot.

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  1. These are fantastic tips! And really important. I feel like the first things to do is to take a Clear Blue test, and if it’s positive, pop to the doctors!

  2. Your right, it is so important to take precautions during pregnancy and making sure you exercise will definitely help you keep your weight under control!

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