Ready For Work: Transferring Your Mom Skills Into Job Skills

Getting a job isn’t easy for anybody, but it’s seemingly harder when you haven’t been in employment for a while. As a mom, you will have spent your days looking after your kids, so when it comes to filling out your resumé, it may be that you draw a blank when knowing what to write. Fret not! As you know, being a mom is a full-time job in itself, and you will have picked up a whole range of skills that will help you get back into the workplace. The following are just three of the skills you can put on your resumé right away.


As a mom: It’s a mother’s natural instinct to care. You hate to see your child suffering, whether they have grazed their knee while playing outside, or if they are worrying about something that happened in school during the day. Your heart goes out to them, and you want to tell them ‘everything will be okay.’ You care because your children matter to you.

Into work: If your compassion holds no bounds, and you can care for others beyond your family, there are many careers on offer for you. You might consider a career in nursing with an online fnp program, or work with any number of charities that benefit a cause you are passionate about. Having the ability to care is a special one, and as your child will confirm, you have the power to turn someone’s life around for the better.


As a mom: The days are short, but your motherly duties are many. From preparing dinner to doing the laundry, there are many tasks you are responsible for carrying out during the day. You will wonder how you ever have the time, but as if by some miracle, you do! Mary Poppins has nothing on you, despite her ability to fly.

Into work: Most jobs require multi-tasking, so there is no shortage of places where your fine art of juggling is called into use. However, here are some examples where being able to balance your time is a near necessity.


As a mom: Think about your time as a parent. When have you ‘not’ communicated? From persuading your child to clean his room, listening to them when they have a particular problem, or giving instruction on how to carry out a specific task (back to that untidy bedroom again), your communication skills will be second to none!

Into work: You won’t get very far at work without the ability to communicate, but as an example, you might consider a career in sales if you have mastered the art of persuasion. Alternatively, if you can listen without interrupting (or talking about yourself), you may consider a job on counseling. If you love to broaden young minds, your ability to give instruction would be well served in the teaching profession. Communication is considered a must-have skill by most employers, so this is one area you should have no problem with.

Finally, take the time to sit down with a cup of tea and reflect on the skills you have learned as a parent. While you will need to pursue training for some job opportunities, you already have what it takes for many career positions. You already know how to think outside of the box as a mom, so jot down any ideas that come to mind as you think back on your time as a parent.

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